10 ‘Must have’ apps in Saudi Arabia

By Vidhya Raghavan


  1. AQAR: is a real estate application which helps you search for apartments/villas for rent/sale under price range, locality. The best feature is – it shows what facilities are around the building. It has both English/Arabic options. I’ve been told that the rentals quoted are at least 2000 SAR more expensive.
  2. Danube: is an excellent app to do online shopping for groceries from Danube. They provide free delivery and currently payment is cash on delivery. The customer can choose a preferred delivery time and date. Feedback or queries can be done on email and the response is prompt followed up by phone calls.
  3. Know your rights: app is aimed at the rights of Saudi females and expatriate women who are married to Saudi nationals. It provides free legal information for women through consultations on the app. It also provides a list of independent lawyers. It has FAQs under various categories of legal issues related to women. It also has a list of interpreter services for Riyadh.
  4. Cobone: Middle East’s biggest daily deals on the best things to do, see, eat, experience and buy. On a daily basis, you get information on special deals at restaurants, services, spas, hotels etc.
  5. Careem and Uber: are excellent transport services especially for women in Saudi Arabia. Cars are cleaner and newer and drivers are trained – no hassles of intrusive conversations from drivers and best of all no haggling. Careem actually has a prepaid service which is very convenient. Feedback or queries can be done on email and the response is usually prompt followed up by phone calls.
  6. Athan: is a useful app to find out the prayer breaks and manage your day, shopping and social outings.
  7. Hijri: This app helps you convert dates/years from Gregorian to Arabic and Arabic to Gregorian. It helps you convert the dates as the Arabic dates are used for calculating rental payment dates, contracts, payment of salaries etc.
  8. Talabat: is a food ordering platform from which you can order meals with a cash on delivery facility.
  9. Absher: is an e service provide by Ministry of Interior for citizens and expats to get information related to Iqama, Muqeem card or Residency Card, vehicle insurance/registration and medical insurance. Examples are: information regarding extension of visa for family members, information about traffic violations and fines, Hajj eligibility, medical insurance details, fee details for iqama renewal/exit-re-entry/visit visa, Iqama and vehicle license expiry dates. how many times you have travelled outside of KSA with flight details, status of change of sponsorship etc. These are subject to constant change. Please rely 100% on the website moi.gov.sa for updates.
  10. Extra: for home appliances, mobiles, electronics. This app helps you compare best deals when shopping for electronic items. The best part is you will be notified of attractive discounts especially around Ramadan and National Day.


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  1. Sundus Yusuf
    Sundus Yusuf says

    I don’t have any of these apps. =I I have to download these apps right away 🙂 thanks

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