Ola! Happy New Year, ladies! Let’s start in 2020 with some proper planning for our lives. I learned so much last year that I pledge not to repeat the same mistakes. Let’s try these:

  1. Wake up early. I know, I can only say this to myself, but I aim to try harder this year. I experienced waking up as early as 4 am, which helped my brain to work faster, and the day seems longer. I was more proactive.
  2. Plan everything ahead per week or per month. I used to have a proper schedule, like for everything from what to cook, to the targets of the month. Without a schedule, I was a bit lost last year when the new task came in, or there was an emergency at home.
  3. Have a ‘Family Meeting’ to discuss our issues in the family. I always believe each family should take care of our own family and not expecting help from others. By having our private ‘Family Meeting,’ we will understand our kids better, especially their concerns and struggles.
  4. Save. The economy globally has been very tough for most countries. Dividends or profits in investments went down tremendously, while banks are charging more interest on loans. It will not be a good year to spend on mostly anything but only the necessities. For moms, especially those without monthly fixed income, please try to save whatever you earn this year. This is coming from my own experience. I graduated during the recession and still learning from that painful trauma.
  5. Love. Love is lacking these years. We worked hard for our family but forgot to talk to them sometimes. I say ‘we’ because it is ‘me’ too, unfortunately. I have to admit I used my mobile too much and I regret showing that negative example in front of my kids. However, I keep explaining to them again and again that “mommy work online” and “all businesses came in virtually.” I pledge to set a specific time limitation when I use my mobile or laptop in front of the kids. I want to go out more with some fresh air or walk-in Corniche. I want to read the traditional hardcopy books with the kids more instead of letting them read online. I want to love my family more.

It seems that it was never enough time always and 2019 passed just like that. Let’s work harder in 2020 and plan everything to utilize our time spend.

Good luck, everyone! 2020 BRING IT ON!


Dr. Ty

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