23rd September – Mark Your Calendars!

On the 23rd of September, 1932, the four major regions of the Arabian Peninsula-Al Ahsa, Hijaz, Najd and Asir were unified under the kingship of King Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud. This day was declared a national holiday, few years back, under the kingship of King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz, and is now celebrated as the Saudi National Day.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be celebrating its 90th national day this year. It happens to fall on a Sunday, making it a long eventful weekend.

Every year, Jeddah is steeped in green and white representing the colors of the Saudi flag, with kids and adults dressed up for the occasion. Numerous events are aligned by the Saudi government as well as individual businesses attracting huge crowds.

Bakeries and cafes are stocked with National Day themed goodies, malls with special green and white decor and attires on display, gift shops with flags, hats, cosmetics, badges, sashes and so much more along with stationaries offering their fair share of themed items.

In addition to the festivities, groups of youth are often seen celebrating in public places offering a glimpse of the Saudi culture by dressing up in Bedouin attire and entertaining the public using the daff (a traditional drum made out of camel skin).

Celebrations and events around the city offer various means of entertaining the crowds on this holiday. A lot of hotels, shopping centers, airlines, restaurants, cafes offer special discounts, packages and entertainment on this occasion adding to the nationwide joy and fervor.

Here are some of the Saudi National Day special events and offers in Jeddah this year:

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