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4 Health Probiotics

Salam alaykom, I’m Lujain,

I would very much like to share with you, just how exactly I found food to either be my Medicine or my Poison.

Welcome to my self healing wellness journey.

Facing my own health issues put me on the road to healing. I’m always in my Probiotic lab experimenting with whatever fruits, vegetables & herbs are in Season creating new flavorful fermented drinks as well as different cultured Vegetable combinations, that not only your taste buds will enjoy, but will make your gut biome happy & healthy too, and therefore a much happier you!

Thank you for feeding your health, from your local Cultured Fermentista Lujain 👩🏻‍🍳







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The What, Why and How of Probiotics

The What, Why and How of Probiotics   We now know that our old friends, the bacteria, play a fundamental role in how our immune system – and indeed our whole body – works. If we don’t have enough of our old friends Probiotics, we get sick…
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