5 Things I am Not Doing for My Children in the New Year

By: Jeddah Mom

If you are overwhelmed by motherhood and feel like you are running round and round on a wheel in your home, it is time to stop and reconsider your mom style. Last year, I decided I would drop some extra weight that I was trudging along. It was making my kids dependent on me and personally, I was just handicapping them for life.

Our job as mothers is not just to nurture our children but to make sure our children are well trained to handle life. It is also our job to teach them how to be responsible individuals in society. This training should start early in life. Don’t you agree?

Last year, my kids were 9, 4 and 3 years old. Although, I could never bring myself to admit it, I was an overwhelmed mother. My kids were very dependent on me and although they were over the baby and toddler phases, they were always cranky and messy. I lived in chaos.

So on New Year’s eve, frustrated and angry, I made a decision. I wasn’t taking it any more. I had no house help or support and this expat life was lonely. I felt like my only job was to take care of the children. I demanded that they respect me and give me my personal space.

My husband started to say that they did respect and love me… It was just that they were not good at showing it.

Yes, they didn’t know how to. It wasn’t their fault. I hadn’t taught them the right way to love and show respect to others. I hadn’t taught them to love me. So, I decided to make some rules in our house.

In 2017, I would not do these five things:

  1. I will not pick up anybody’s clothes. May it be on the floor, on the furniture or even spilling out of wardrobes… I am not doing it.
  2. I will not pick up toys at all. If you don’t respect your toys, you don’t need them.
  3. I am not doing the laundry. My son had been already doing our laundry (with assistance) since he was 7 years old. The girls loved bringing the fresh one in. Why must it lie on the couch becoming Mt. Foreverest till I put them where they belonged?
  4. I am not laying the table for everyone and then picking your dirty plates. If you can come in the kitchen asking me what I have made, you can help me take things to the table. If you can get up to wash your hand afterwards, you can get up to place your plate in the sink too. Right?
  5. I am not sharing my stationary or technology with you. No you may not scribble in my pretty book with my pretty pens or use my phone to take 750 blurred pictures of your nose and right eye!

This was my list last year. Can you guess the affect of it on my children?

This year, it is taken for granted. I will not do these 5 things for my children ever.

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