6 different ideas to be your own boss

By: GypsyGirl

6 different ideas to be your own boss and work from anywhere in the world, from your laptop

‘Gypsy girl’ has not been in an ultra-happy space.

She’s come back to home base after two months of study leave, only to find that nearly a hundred of her colleagues were facing potential job loss and an uncertain future; and were left hanging in there for a while.  Lesson learnt….. Lets bust this employer-centric, brick and mortar centric dependency to meet one’s basic necessities – food, clothing and shelter.  Lets get entrepreneurial.

Drawing on travel experiences and the people she met, here’s some of the online income earning opportunities that are easily available.  You can work from home or jet set around the world and work remotely.  You don’t necessarily need formal degree qualifications.  You do need a lap and for most jobs excellent English skills.

  1. Online ESL teaching: This is a booming business in China.  Parents want their children, starting from kindergarten to speak good English; so, many online companies are hiring online ESL teachers.

Yes, there’s a huge market for native English speakers and the market rates appear to be USD 16-25, and, it helps if you have a basic graduation – otherwise you need to be enrolled into a graduate degree. CELTA is a major plus. Please check this link for employers hiring native speakers

There’s plenty of room for non-native speakers too, although the pay is not the same as it is for native speakers. Please check this link for employers hiring non-native speakers.

  1. Virtual Assistant: This is no different from the regular office/executive assistant; only you will be working from the comfort of your home or from a relaxing travel location.  All you need is, to be highly organised, effective, resourceful and dependable; and, know the current office programs and MS Office, plus any other programs required by your employer.

Some of the tasks involved can be typing out transcripts, scheduling appointments, responding to communications, making travel bookings etc.  This job averages USD15/- p.h.  Check out the following website for job upwork.com

  1. Life Coaching: More and more people want to change how they live their life and achieve significant results in the areas of their personal life, health, finance and relationships.  For under USD500/- you can, not only learn the skills to hack your own life – you can create a lasting difference for others too.

Here’s the link to do a 3-in one certification for USD 497/-

  • Life Coach
  • Transformational Coach
  • Solutions-focused Coach
  1. Article writing: If you enjoy writing and your English is impeccable, then there are hundreds of websites that pays you any where from USD 50-$500 per article depending on the number of words and readership. Please check this website.  Learning how to use SEO optimized keywords is an important skill for this job.
  1. Social media manager: All those millenials out there, if you are already spending time on social media, why not make an income out of it by managing social media accounts for clients? Some of the skills required are creativity, optimising content, writing skills, knowing digital trends, managing and interacting with social community, understanding how each platform differs, analyze the data results from those campaigns, make illustrations and memes.  You can either manage some of these some or all of these social media platforms for a client or specialize in one of these accounts: LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google plus.  Your target market could be online entrepreneurs, who want to outsource their work or build a team of virtual service providers.

Check out this website for introduction to social media marketing for USD 39/-.

  1. Copy writing: More and more businesses and entrepreneurs want to improve their business profits.  For their products and services to sell, they need good copywriters who can write persuasive copy that sells their products and services and improve their profit margin.  An effective copy can earn you anywhere from $500 to $5000 upwards.

Udemy has a an introductory course for under USD 20

Tip 1:  For all of the above jobs excepting 1, there is room for significantly earning more as you increase your skills and familiarity with programs and the services you offer by looking for higher paying clients and / or packaging services which provide higher value.

Tip 2: The best and easy ways to get these jobs is to join as many FB groups as you can and participate in the groups and give value, without promoting your services, on these groups.  But ensure that you ↓

Tip 3:  Have a LinkedIn page and Facebook business page updated with all the services you provide and ensure that it is optimized for key words.

(These are general ideas that ‘gypsy girl’ has picked up during her travel in Bali and Chiang Mai – the popular Digital Nomad hubs.  Please use the above information as a base to further research information for courses, pay rates, reliable job search hubs  – that is best suited for your needs).

Be your own boss girls… Go for it!!



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  2. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    I think all of us should work to become financially independent and with jobs that do not keep us tied to a schedule; even if we have a fulltime job.


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