6 Things to Do When You Are Newly Pregnant in Jeddah


Start asking for recommendations for doctors from friends.
While you need to understand that just because your friend loved her doctor, doesn’t mean you will like her too, it’s always good to ask around and shortlist on a few you’d like to interview before choosing the one that’s right for you.

Start taking your prenatal vitamins

The most popular doctors are also the busiest in Jeddah and it may take weeks before you get their appointment. Meanwhile, start taking folic acid if you aren’t already, as the baby needs folate the most in the earliest weeks of pregnancy. You can also start taking a good quality prenatal.

Sign up for a weekly pregnancy newsletter

These newsletters are really informative and update you on your baby’s growth and whats happening in your pregnancy. My favourites are those from Baby Center and Mama Natural.

Join a pregnancy and mommy group

The first pregnancy without family around can be really nerve-wracking. Join a support group so that you can interact with experienced mothers and those who are in the same stage of pregnancy as you. You can find many such groups on various forums and also on Facebook.

Start saving for the baby

Good quality baby gear isn’t cheap here and if you do not have a lot of friends and family around to gift baby stuff to you, start putting aside a fixed amount each month so that shopping for the baby becomes easier for you when the time is right. If you are lucky, you might get some really good deals in the sales season but don’t pin your hopes on it. Mamas & Papas, Babies R Us and Babyshop are the most popular baby stores here.

Enrol yourself in birth classes

Last but definitely not the least, enrol yourself in an antenatal class because not only will these classes prepare you for labour and birth, but they will also educate you on other important matters like, prenatal exercise and nutrition, breastfeeding, baby care, local birthing practices and recommendations plus a lot more.

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    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Thank you… Mashallah, I wish back in the day I would have received such great advice. Thinking back to how few women I new back then…. Maybe you can add some links for some of your tips, especially for the classes. There are many women who do not know anyone at all.

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