7 Tips to Power Up Your Resume & Job Interviews


Firstly, your resume should not be more than 2 pages.

Secondly, less is more – don’t sound desperate.  Stay minimalist and professional.

Thirdly,  Your resume should be focused on what value you can give your future employer, not a historical record of the past.

Lastly,  make your resume ATS compliant – Your resume will not get past the Automatic Tracking Software if your resume does not meet criteria such as job-related key words.


Your resume should include the following:

  1. Career summary: A 3-5-line snapshot of your entire career.
  • Target position
  • Years of experience
  • Core functions
  • Your unique expertise
  • Results you can bring to the company: product, service, customer
  1. Skills Summary:
    • Core skills (Job/industry related)
    • Soft skills (people, social and communication-related skills)
  2. Achievements/Contributions: Must be included under each employment after  ‘responsibilities’ section.
  3. Key words: Research all the keywords related to your job and make sure you use it across the resume without being overbearing.
  4. Social Proof: Make sure you have testimonials included from one or two professionals.
  5. Career story: The one thing that distinguishes your resume from others is your career story.  Turn your bullet points into stories of how you provided value to the company.
  6. LinkedIn: Be LinkedIn savvy.  Update your LinkedIn profile.  Make sure that your ‘title’ and ‘about’ section have all the keywords that come up for recruiter search.


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7 Tips To Power Up Your Resume and Job Interviews

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