9 Disruptive Marketing Strategies to Land Your Dream Job

9 Disruptive Marketing Strategies to Land Your Dream Job …… with little or no competition!!!

1- Follow a CEO on Twitter

Target a company, market leader or influencer on Twitter and Engage. Engage. Engage.

Keep the content professional, original, well researched and succinct. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are a thought leader in your industry. Some ideas that you can post on are:

  • Add your own fresh perspective to their comment with a twist
  • Share a solution to a problem
  • Sum up customer reviews with your own ideas
  • Share a product or service idea

2- Be the subject matter expert on Quora:

Quora is a platform for subject matter expertise. Subscribe to the industry you are in and post well researched responses to people’s queries. This is yet another way to lift your profile in a social media platform and helps your social proof your career. Employers get to know your writing style, your approach to work and demonstrates real life examples such as problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking and networking.

3- Write a free blog for the potential:

Target a company and research it well. Write a free blog/article for them on topics that lift their profile with customers. Offer it to the company for their website or newsletter.

Example: Suggest creative ways for customers to use their product or service. For e.g. If you are targeting the company Kraft for a job – you could have a topic headline such as, “5 Different Ways of Using Kraft’s Sandwich Spread to Make Your Snack Even More Scrumptious”.

4- Start an industry related online group:

Being a member of your own professional tribe has several advantages – be on top of industry trends, get new ideas, have access to expert solutions and importantly, have a network to fall back on for your next career move.

Better still, start your own group for a niche. For e.g. If you are a Recruitment Consultant – you could start a niche for: Recruitment Consultants in IT, Female Recruitment Consultants in IT.

5- Start a volunteer project:

Giving away your expertise and only your few hours a month to start something in the community makes a difference in people’s lives and is also soul nourishing. As a side result, it can also lift your profile at work and can also meet the company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative which is now considered to be important in the international business community. CSR initiatives can be undertaken in your area of interest such as: health, education, employment, life skills, professional skills, environment, mental health.

Some of the hands-on skills you gain from volunteering can be useful transferable skills such as taking initiative, implementation, leadership, facilitation, liaison. One of the benefits of volunteering is that it is a neutral place to network – as more and more leaders are taking responsibility for community initiatives and they get to see your practical skills in real life.

Watch this space for success stories of how people landed jobs from doing volunteering work.

6- Write your own job description

Advertised job descriptions are only a narrow box for you to see if you meet their criteria but there is no need for you to limit yourself. Get out of that limitation and feel free to write your own job description and what you can offer and do disruptive self-marketing on steroids. Standard job descriptions only capture only a fragment of who you are in totality.

Grab a piece of paper NOW and write out the following:

  • What kind of management style would you like to work for?
  • Who would you like to collaborate with?
  • What problems can you solve?
  • What are your unique skills?
  • What is your dream job description?
  • What are your successes?

Have the guts to post it on LinkedIn and Facebook!! Be bold and hunt that decision maker and make that proposition to launch your career!!

7- Target start-ups for job opportunities:

Every job seeker, career professional is looking for name brand companies and competition is strong. Why be a cog in the wheel? Why not target a start-up and help build them up and be part of their success story? This helps you build the company up from zero. This will leverage your career profile several levels higher.

This website gives the names of start-ups in each country. https://500.co/startups/

8- Job application by a video:

Recruiters have to go through a mind-numbing experience of reading and sifting through 100s of resumes. Why don’t you include a YouTube video title ‘7 Reasons Why I Am the Right Fit for This Job?’. This adds a personal touch to the resume and cover letter. The YouTube link can be included in the email. This strategy can set you apart from the others because it has a personal touch and it has a unique approach.

9- Have an amazing self-introductory strategy:

Instead of applying to hundreds of jobs online and waiting for the recruiter to meet you amongst dozens of other candidates…. Take this approach, instead…

Target a company. Do a SWOT analysis to profile the company for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats? You can also research the company’s customer reviews/ratings.

Find a way through LinkedIn, personal introductions or professional networking to meet with the decision maker in person and present your value-based proposal on how you can improve the service, product, process or social media influence.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I love this list of strategies. I used to think Quora was spammy. How wrong was I, right? I think it’s a great suggestion because a lot of people go there for advice.

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