9 Secrets for a Persuasive Cover Letter

To impel your future employer to open your resume

If your resume is your master key to unlock the door to career opportunities your cover letter should then be the master switch. If your cover letter is not catchy or get the reader’s attention, chances are not likely that your resume will be read.

Here are some tips to make your cover letter stand out from competition:

  1. Job specific: A standard cover letter to go with a resume is a no-no. Your cover letter must be tailor made for the specific job. It must have the keywords from the job description and the specific industry. A little bit of research about the company and the industry goes a long way.
  1. Strong opening line: Your opening line should be an attention getter and the reader should want to continue going through the rest of the cover letter and then open your resume. E.g. This job is perfect opportunity because….
  1. Emotional trigger: You can give 3 reasons why you should be hired – make the third one emotional. E.g. Here’s why I think I am suitable for the job. I am results driven, have proven success in project management and I enjoy making customers happy by solving their problems.
  1. Value proposition: Do enumerate the value proposition you bring to enhance the company’s productivity.
  1. Latest achievement/contribution: Everybody is making some contribution or achieving something in their career. Let your cover letter reflect this. For e.g.: developing a training manual, initiating a social media campaign etc.
  1. Tone: Your choice of words in your cover letter should be about bringing value to the organisation rather than seeking a job opportunity for yourself.
  1. Call to action: Finish on a strong note by making a request for an interview in person or on call.

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