A Human Story

With travel, adventure, knowledge and a spirited soul, this Gypsy Girl is a human story


Pathways is taking time every month to interview women that Inspire others to search and find their “greatness.“ Vidhya is one of those women.

Vidhya Raghavan is Pathways’ Gypsy Girl, a global citizen and has lived and worked in Australia, Kuwait, Oman and is currently in Saudi Arabia.  Her career spans over 30+ years as a Workshop Facilitator, Coach and Mentor, Account Manager and English Teacher.   She absolutely loves traveling solo and has traveled to nearly 15 countries.   When she is not working or traveling – she enjoys public speaking and enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills with people to transform their lives.

So, without further delay, let’s know more about Vidhya.

We asked her:

  • Words that touch your soul: Some of the Sanskrit concepts:
    • Nishkamakarma: acting selflessly without expecting something back;
    • Namaste: the Divine in me greets the Divine in you;
    • Ananda which means bliss – I like this because it does not necessarily mean happiness which requires a reason to be happy. Bliss happens without any reason.
  • Greatest Comfort: My greatest comfort has to be the whispers from my heart – when I stop still, really still…. and go quiet – my heart whispers the messages I need to hear. It is very comforting to me.
  • Things you should be proud of: My resourcefulness.  My ability to ‘bloom where I am planted’  (@Cindy Smith).  I started working when I was 16.5 years old in corporations and have worked in 5 different countries and have traveled solo to may be 15 different countries so far.
  • What you are grateful for: I am grateful for the insights that I get, for the people I am surrounded by, the gifts that the Divine has given me, the lifestyle I am able to lead where I can freely make multiple career choices in the one life and travel wherever I want.
  • Ways in which you can love others: I love to cook and feed people and make them happy.  I believe that if I can make the stomach happy, then I can make the heart smile.   The way to anyone’s heart is defo through the stomach!
  • Things that make you happy, body and soul: Mexican nachos with melted cheese, idli sambar – a South Indian traditional dish, relaxing massages, deep soulful conversations with a good friend – late into the night.
  • Places you want to go: Iran, Mexico, Ecuador, Nepal, Burma, Tibet, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia – and the list goes on.
  • Ways to cleanse for spring: I give away 30 things every month. I get my favorite clothes, bags and shoes mended.  I clean up my Mac desktop.  I stock take the kitchen and make sure I have nutritious supplies.
  • Favorite essentials: Olive oil for the skin, sea salt (Black Sea – preferably) for scrubbing the body – trust me, it is energy cleansing after a bad day. Long cotton dresses for travel.  Cotton pair of pants for yoga.
  • Things that feel like home: My colorful batik sarongs, my hammock in the study, my kitchen gadgets and my favorite pens.
  • Favorite things to make or do: We are talking food right?? Onigiri stuffed with lemon pickle and tuna and wrapped in seaweed, stuffed bitter gourd with hot rice, spicy lemon pickle and deep-fried spicy Indian fritters with chai.
  • Best advice for overcoming failures: I don’t believe in creating a mental world of opposing concepts.  The opposite of ‘success’ being ‘failure’ should be limited only within the dictionary.  In real life, life happens in the grey area, which is 80%.  There is the ‘good’ grey and ‘bad’ grey.  Importantly, we have to define our own relationships with concepts.  For me, instead of ‘success vs. failure,’ I have replaced that opposing concept with ‘expected outcomes’ and ‘continuous improvement.’  ‘Unexpected outcomes’ can always be repackaged and presented creatively.
  • Ways you are energized: Yoga, power breathing, meditation, imagining a result and writing my way into it, cooking up a storm, a really good mind-shifting conversation with a friend.
  • List five small ways that you can share your gratitude today:
    • I am supremely grateful for my mental and emotional fitness.
    • I am filled with gratitude for the friends I have with whom I can have a deep and meaningful conversation with.
    • I am grateful that I have the freedom to make choices and live my life the way I want to.
    • I am deeply grateful for the people who have crossed my life and taught me the deep lessons I have had to learn.
    • I am grateful to Mother Nature that helps me to be sensitive and intuitive.
  • What skills or abilities are you thankful to have? Intuitive listening – the ability to listen to someone beyond their words.  My ability to capture in words and articulate things that are usually hard to put one’s finger on.
  • What materialistic items are you most grateful for? Definitely my laptop and Careem.
  • What elements of nature are you grateful for and why? 
    • The Red Sea – I am so not a swimmer, and I am able to float easily and really let go and relax because it is so salty.
    • I love storms – especially listening to the rain falling on a tin roof – it is so incredibly soothing and mesmerizing.  Even better, thunder and lightening whilst walking on the beach – it feels like Mother Nature has put on a special fireworks display with only me as its private audience.
  • What aspects of your work environment are you thankful for? Supportive coordinators, simplified exams, the ever-resourceful, and amazing WhatsApp group ladies, and most important – the 15 SAR healthy salads in the vending machine.
  • What is the best advice you can give people?
    • Travel – there is no better university other than exploring the world. Get out of your comfort zone.
    • Believe that you are far more resourceful than you can possibly even imagine.
    • You have more than one book in you. Write it.
    • Every single person has a supremely unique gift. Find it and use it to serve others.
    • The solution to any problem – physical, mental, energetic or emotional is rhythmic breathing. Learn it and practice it.

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