A Ramadaan wish ♥️

A Ramadaan wish ♥️
Written by –
Ustaadha Ruqayya-
(وكيلة – دار الهدى)

All praise and thanks belongs to Our lord who gives us life and to whom we must return.

As we live to see the last Jumuah of the month of Sha’baan and we smell the fragrance of the blessed month of Ramadaan lingering in the
air, we can’t help but to reflect, pray and anticipate blessings and hope for a more beautiful and blessed tomorrow.

As this March comes to an end we are reminded of this time 2 years ago، March 2020 that marked the onset of a life changing Pandemic.

Each one of us dealt with pain and anxiety and the loss of lives of our loved ones and the loss of the carefree life and freedom we once enjoyed.

The world went into a lockdown!!!
Writing that actually sounds absurd or insane, but there’s no denying that we lived through that, there’s scattered evidence of it in all our lives.

We are the survivors, Oh beloved one to Allah, Be mindful that if you are still here, then you have lived, not without a purpose,

So many of our loved ones have returned to the mercy of Allah. الله يغفر لهم يرحمهم

We witnessed the power of Allah,how He chooses who will return to Him.
We witnessed how a weak, frail and old person survived the illness and how a strong, healthy person succumbed and returned to His lord.
There is no discrimination as to who gets sick, ……. Young or old, …… healthy or sick …….Rich or poor …………
You could even be sitting next to an infected person and not get it yourself.
Nothing made sense.
These logical factors don’t apply

Indeed It is as our lord wills

This pandemic 💔
it changed us in ways that cannot be explained.
I am certain that we all are still processing the pain of the loss and trauma that came with it.

Oh beloved one to Allah, I want to remind you that you are alive and your life is a gift from Allah.
You must live to tell your story as a lesson for generations to come.
You may have lived to help uplift others who need you.
As long as you are alive you have this responsibility to be a source of blessings for everyone on this planet.

Sending my love and duas to the beautiful souls who welcomes this Ramadaan with deep pain and longing in your heart, for the pieces of it that are missing.

Remember that Allah sees your struggles to keep going and He has carried you this far.

Say الحمدلله for everything

All I know is that He the Almighty is perfect and He will never forsake anyone…turn to him…leave everything in His hands and you will see his hands in everything…

I ask Allah to make this Ramadaan the most beautiful one we have ever experienced this far, to help us stay steadfast in our ibaadah and to make it full of blessings, to comfort the hearts that are distressed and to cure our sick, to answer all the secret unspoken duas that we wish for and to make the rest of our days on this planet more blessed than what has passed and to unite us with our loved ones in Jannatul firdous.

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