A Secret That Not Many Know

By: LuloBlue

This month is a special month. It is about women and all that they are. But today, in the fast racing world, we seem to put ourselves down over and over again. We always think we are not enough, we don’t deserve what we have and no one will like us. Let me tell you a little secret – if you felt that this was only you feeling this way, trust me, most likely the person beside you is feeling the exact same thing and they too doubt themselves. Let me tell you another secret, even the most successful people feel this too. I’ll give you two names of those who always felt that and never also never felt all the praise they got for their work was well earned. Albert Einstein and Maya Angelou. Are you surprised? They are considered the geniuses of their time and they still felt that. This phenomenon is called imposter syndrome. It means we feel we are fake and we are not enough.

Now how about if I told you we all have two things we strive for? It is to find a connection and to avoid all rejection. Everything we do comes down two these two simple needs. Doesn’t that make you feel better to know everyone around you feels the same as you? Don’t let your doubts get to you and learn to love yourself. Maybe your mom could only be pleased when you were what she considered to be perfect, or maybe you were a victim of some trauma or abuse. All of that represents rejection, and this is the mother of all problems; addictions, relationship sabotage, weight problems, and lack of motivation. But learn to love you and use self-dialogue and redirect your insecurities and fears around rejection, fears, and disconnection into a tremendous positive self-belief. So write it everywhere I am enough!


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    We are worthy… we are enough- and together we are more than enough and not lacking in any way. 🙏

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