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We are surrounded by chemicals and pollutants everywhere, from external sources like cleaning agents to more invasive factors like artificial flavorings, pesticide laden food products, even the air we breathe. A lot of people have thus started reverting to age old natural remedies one of which from the highly beneficial, exhibiting prominent results, is Hijamah aka wet cupping.

Hijamah is a highly effective, scientifically proven, therapeutic procedure in which a certified Hijamah practitioner places suction cups over required cupping points on a person’s body for several minutes after which tiny cuts/scrapes are made using a sterile blade or scalpel at those points. The practitioner then places the cups back on these spots to draw small quantities of infected toxic blood leaving the person feeling rejuvenated.

So far Hijamah has been proven to relieve several health problems including asthma, hypertension, migraines, arthritis, heart problems, drug intoxication, stress, depression, anxiety, autism, etc. It also clears blood and tissue fluid from causative pathological substances which contribute to autoimmune diseases. People nowadays also undergo Hijamah for cosmetic treatments like hair regrowth and anti-aging. However, advice should be sought from a doctor before undertaking Hijamah treatment.

These are some of the certified Hijamah clinics and hospitals along with their locations in Jeddah:

Hijamah Center Noorah (AlHamra district) –

Al Ilaaj Al Badeel for Hijamah (AlRuwais district) –

Khabeer Al Hijamah Al Fayha (AlFayha district) –

Manzil Al Hekmah for Hijamah (AlZahra district) –

Ayadah Al Ilaaj for Hijamah (AlSafa district) –

Subspecialties Center (AlRawdah district) –

Dr. al-Hashimi Center (AlSharafeyah district) –

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Wow. Great article. I knew some of this and have had it done, but I don’t know that there were so many places to go. I also didn’t know, and I’ll quite you ” It also clears blood and tissue fluid from causative pathological substances which contribute to autoimmune diseases.”. Thank you so much for this information. ❤

  2. Lujain says

    Greaaaat info, very good to know,
    Thank you☺️


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