An 8 Year Old Sharing Her Thoughts On COVID19

My name is Zenha and i am 8 years old.Below i am writing my thoughts about covid19. This is my first article i am writing in my life.
Life is getting extremely hard day by day because the new outbreak which is corona virus also called as covid -19 has been outbreak-ed from Wuhan in China. All the fear has been spread because of this virus. Now whole world is affected by covid19. It seems like happiness has been attacked by fear. Whole world is in fear. First it was so serious that nobody could handle it but as you can see china is quickly recovered from corona virus.

So, china is luckier than us for recovering from the virus. Every tip shown down has a way to save you from this virus.So try these tips every day.
Tips to stay away from corona virus
1.Wash your hands with plenty of soap and if you don’t have soap you can use a bottle of sanitizer.
2.Eat healthy homemade food because the food from outside can have many germs including corona virus. We should wash fruits and vegetables with hand wash to remove germs.
3.stay home and play with your kids and don’t watch movies or anything in your smart phone like Instagram. Instead play with kids.
4.while going to the super market a wear mask and a pair of gloves and wash the dress after coming back.
5.wash your hands after and before touching dusty things and after every hour.
6.Try your best to stay calm and don’t` forget to do some activities
7.Go to the doctor if you feel sick and have corona symptoms

Ok, now let’s stop talking about corona virus and start talking about my feelings.
I am very sad because I cannot go to school and meet my friends. I miss going outside and having fun. I dint see my friends for two weeks.I feel stuck in my home. I miss junk food and going to restaurants.Now Ramadan is coming and count down has begun. This Ramadan wont be like before because not going to masjid and having iftars outside home.I am worried since no flights are available i cannot visit my grandparents.They are waiting for me and i am sad.

Everyone has one same feeling and that is, will we be safe to go outside our house on Eid? May Allah help to overcome this situation. Oh, Allah take this virus away, so I can go to school and play with my friends and get my old happy days back again.

Stay home and stay safe.

An 8 Year Old Sharing Her Thoughts On COVID19 | Quarantine Life | Stay At Home

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  1. Najla Rahman says

    Good one zenha.. May Allah protect all of us from the pandemic.

  2. Navas Seethimarakkarakam says

    Ma Shaa Allah. It’s wonderful article and perfectly mentioned the kids feelings on these days.. May Allah bless her to become a good writer in her future life. May Allah bless you sweety.

  3. Anonymous says

    Thank you for giving her a forum to share her feelings and thoughts. I have been trying to provide the same for my students. With my own son, we talk about how he is feeling since he is only 3 and is learning to write.

  4. Myrah says

    That is such a great way to handle this difficult situation that kids don’t quite understand.

  5. Anonymous says

    I love this ❤️

  6. Anonymous says

    Good work zenha

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