And finally, Ramadan is back!!!

Written By: Zenha, 8 years old

I love writing cheerful stories to entertain people. My article is all about ramadan going happen around the world. I hope you like it!!

We all know that the pandemic disease called corona virus has damaged the whole world. This Ramadan we will have to stay home and eat homemade food made by our mother. Ramadan is the month of mercy and we all will start fasting from tomorrow. This Ramadan there is no iftar or tarawih because all is canceled due to this pandemic. I will miss iftar and tarawih like every Muslims around the world. I miss going to Makkah for umrah and having iftar from there. We used to go to Makkah many times during last 10 days to pray and get more reward. So, I miss all of this.

This year we don’t have school, so as kids we can enjoy Ramadan at home with family. So, can we make it special? yes!!!

  1. Perfom all 5 salah with family and also tarawih.
  2. Help you family in different ways like cleaning, laundry folding, cooking and mopping.
  3. Revise the surahs which you learned.
  4. Recite morning and evening adhkars and all duas.
  5. Have foods from sunnah like honey, dates, olive oil and raisins.
  6. Let us be thankful to Allah SWT.
  7. Give zakah to the nearby needy.
  8. Do exercise together so you become healthier and stronger.

Let us pray together with our family for the happy days to come back soon. Let sabr al Jameel grow on true happiness.

O Allah please bring everyone’s very old happy days…Aameen

I miss you all

Aslamualaikum warah matullahi wabarakatuho .

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  1. Haisam says

    Nice work Zenha🙂 Keep it going!!!

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