1. Sensory engagement:  Pick 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, 1 thing you can taste
  2. Have you listened to Binaural beats?
  3. Did you listen to the Tibetan singing bowl music?
  4. Did you listen to drum beats:  African drums, Japanese Takao drums?
  5. Have you eaten 3 nutritious meals a day?  E.g. pasta with reach cream sauce.
  6. Did you do your ‘bellows’ breathing exercise?
  7. Did you do your meditation?
  8. Did you go for a walk in the sunshine?
  9. Did you have a bath with a lot of salt/Epsom salt?
  10. Go swimming or just float if you have access.
  11. Did you use aromatherapy oils?
  12. Think in images stop, words
  13. Think the same thoughts through in a foreign language.
  14. Suck lemon, lolly – don’t bite into it.
  15. Do Reflexology on the soles of your feet and behind the thumb.
  16. Tug your earlobes and give the edges of your ears a really firm massage.
  17. Eye movements:  Rotate your eyes 9 times:  clockwise, anticlockwise, diagonal, horizontal, vertical
  18. Put your face and/or head in a bucket of cold water and rotate head with eyes open or just wash your face in cold water.
  19. Write yourself out of the situation and into a happier frame of mind.  Your mind follows a movement
  20. Deliberately make yourself anxious with a formula:  Unconscious habits made conscious lose its impact.
  21. Rub the side of your arms reassuringly. 
  22. Minimize speaking – it accelerates anxiety.
  23. Do stomach crunches to ease the solar plexus.
  24. Look at a cookbook and cook a meal – the color, texture, and smell of food move your mind to a better place.
  25. Engage in an activity that needs attention to detail:  origami, clean out a drawer, mop the floor.
  26. Wear yellow and orange clothes.


  1. Is your blood-work current on hypothyroid, magnesium, iron and vitamin D?
  2. Have you been taking your supplements?
  3. Did you check your ‘gut’ health? E.g. complete elimination and consuming sauerkraut, probiotics, kefir
  4. Are you drinking lemon juice with ACV, Himalayan salt every morning with warm water on an empty stomach?
  5. Try going gluten free for a month.

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