Arabic with Azzah

Having been born and educated in Jeddah, I have a natural flair and passion for the Arabic language. I am also a university English teacher by profession, but I have a knack for languages and am trilingual. I feel learning a language helps to break cultural differences and bring people together. I’m happy to help others be able to communicate at least the basics, and live a life of feeling understood and understanding others.


Let’s Learn Arabic 2.1

All About Meals Let us learn about the three basic meals in Arabic. English Arabic Meals Wajabaat وجبات Breakfast Futoor فطور Lunch Ghada’a غداء Dinner Asha’a عشاء Breakfast Here are some things to expect in a regular Arabic breakfast…

Let’s Learn Arabic 1.6

Sad Phrases to use in Arabic (Feminine) Arabic Arabic English متضايقة Mut’dayega Upset تتعور Tit’awwar To hurt وحيدة Waheeda Lonely زعلانة Za’laana Upset تبكي Tabki To cry غير متحمسة Ghayr Mut’hamissa Discouraged محبطة Muhbata Disappointed…
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