Budding Online Entrepreneurs of Jeddah

By Gypsy Girl


The summer of 2018 was my wake up call to realise that we need to snap out of ‘employment’ mindset to ‘entrepreneurial’ mindset.  I firmly believe that women have the potential to be amazing entrepreneurs if only we stepped into being the highest potential we can possibly be and operated from that space. The Universe heard me and has been responding to me in various ways to show me the path.  Before 2019 even started, I won 2 lucky gifts from 2 different sources to start my New Year: one – free coaching sessions and, two, a free website building service.

But wait, it doesn’t stop there….

I was yearning for some support with social media and some real-life examples for online entrepreneurship to emulate and follow, for a while and the Universe responded yet again. “Skills to Cash” from Pathways to Human Solidarity, Jeddah – an entrepreneurial event happened yesterday. I came home so inspired by the budding entrepreneurs, a bunch of young mothers working from home and some of them first time speakers.

The common themes that each of them expressed were – everyone has more than one skill that can be converted to cash, do things that come so easily and naturally to you, access your creativity and express it, lead a fulfilled life on your own terms, convert your skills to cash, ideas comes from the most unexpected sources, even mistakes and unexpected events can be a cash converter when you have an opportunity mindset and operating as a entrepreneurial community has amplified power.

…..and, all of these can be done by engaging the kids in the creative and entrepreneurial process from the comfort of your own home.

Firstly, I was inspired by Kulsoom of Fascinating Fairy Bells (@fascinatingfairy_bell) who discovered her hidden talent during her first pregnancy, and she has not stopped painting.  Within a short space of time, she has showcased her works of art to Embassies. The combination of mediums that she uses is so simple and so every day, yet the effect is so amazing. Just an ordinary A5 notebook has been converted to a – page-turning art – and this was all whilst watching TV. It just can’t get simpler than that!!

Then comes along Sara of Lettering Gems (@LetteringGems).  Her calligraphy is in itself an incredible piece of art.  It is also so mesmerizing to watch her do calligraphy – it certainly was a meditative experience and slowed my mind down (There’s an idea for you Sara – for You Tube, so people can calm down whilst watching you write their name card/invitation card.  I am sure people would want to see the process of their name being written calligraphically).  On top of it, she turned out to be an Instagram wiz as well as an Etsy enthusiast.  She also shared with us a real-life example of how a slip of a finger led her to discover a ‘magnetic brush’  for procreate which she is now cashing now on Etsy.

To tie it all in, Gillian from Words and Wonders (@islesgilian), stepped in and shared with us the inside journey of how to convert a concept to cash online.  What was remarkable was that a young mother of 3, seemed to be able to convert just about anything to cash – simply using basic resources from beads to flour to a borrowed iphone that led her to explore different versions of herself – jeweler, baker, photographer, blogger, food critic, soon to be author…. I bet I left out more than a few avatars.

Shaima Khalid (@rwcode) merits a mention, of course, of quietly operating behind the scenes and being the silent support and ensuring things were running seamlessly.  Finally, thanks to Shareefa Bassayoni for providing this amazing platform for women to grow and express their talents and true selves.

I can feel that this is truly the beginning of an entrepreneurial spirit that is on the verge of taking off and I hope every woman in Pathways, Jeddah makes the most of the opportunity.


  1. Anonymous says

    Great to have this review. The compliments on Pathways’ Team keep flowing in. Great work everyone. 💖


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