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Dynamite Comes In Small Packages

As proclaimed in her biography on Pathways to Human Solidarity’s domain, she is a Saudi / German, 3rd culture kid, and through her work as a life coach and mediator, she helps empower others to take charge of their lives, embrace their choices, honor their true selves and enjoy the ride. Without any more delay, lets peak inside a bit and see what makes her tick.

Grieving Part one: How to Supporting Grievers

Death and tragedy in life are inevitable. We are all grieving something. May it be the loss of a loved one due to death, an illness (Whether the self or a loved one), cancer,  getting fired, divorce, loss of a pet, the loss of a relationship (romantic, friendship), the loss of youth and beauty, health Being around death make a lot of people feel uncomfortable, and most of the time we don’t know what to say and chances are whatever we say is not very beneficial.

Moving from #Me Too to #Where To from here

‘Gypsy girl’ isn’t all about travelling to different countries.  It is also about the inner journey and rising above victim hood and giving our story a voice. Thanks to the #Me too movement, victims of social harassment are leveraging social media to share their stories.  I’d personally like to think that #Me too movement is not limited to gender as damage, victim hood, the guilt and shame one carries privately, throughout one’s life, is very clearly not gender-specific.  I’d like to assume that the perpetrators of past acts…

Building Assertiveness

Assertiveness is a way of communicating your needs and wants without threatening others. It is often misunderstood as aggressiveness. While being aggressive can violate and hurt others, assertiveness allows us to maintain our boundaries and helps our relationships with others in the long-run. In being assertive, we maintain our self-respect and respect others. When we are aggressive, we do not. Assertiveness is a great friend of self-esteem.

Christmas! Family! Love!

Hello everyone! It is my first ever write up with Pathways, and I am super excited! End of the year always reminds me of C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S., even though technically, I don’t celebrate. But you know what, I somehow do. Seven years ago my family and I moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil. To basically start a new life, besides being transferred and all.

DETOX 2018

This year has really been one difficult year for me. Sometimes I try to think of a reason for it, so I ask myself,  "Is it because of my inadequate ability to handle difficult situations? Or is it because of the toxic people I had to deal with? Often I hear that my joy is my own responsibility, but how true is this statement? Surprisingly, I am not the only one who has felt so much toxicity this year, even Oxford dictionary declared "Toxic" as the word of the year 2018, as it was one of the most searched words of during…

Stains on your teeth?

Stains on your teeth? Everyone wants a whiter, more beautiful smile! And who can blame them? Your smile gives you self-confidence and joy. It is an important part of the first impression you make when you meet someone. But unfortunately, many a times your teeth darken or yellow over time due to various reasons like age, eating certain food, drinking coffee/tea, smoking habits and certain dental conditions. They can affect a single tooth or all the teeth in the oral cavity. These discolorations or rather ‘stains’ are…