Things you need to know when posting in Community Lounge

Community Lounge Guide

A simple overview; perfect if you’re new or want a refresh on the basics. Comment below if you have any questions.

Instructions to follow when submitting a post

  1. Font should be easily readable. We would suggest you to avoid using cursive fonts and try using the ones available in our text editor.
  2. Font style, size and color (preferred black) should be consistent through out the post.
  3. Headings in your post should stand out. Make them bold or use preset heading formats in our text editor.
  4. Check for spelling errors before submitting the post.
  5. Post should be well aligned, preview before submitting.


How to add new post (Monthly Columns)?

  1. Login to your account here (
  2. Go to Monthly Columns, you will see a drop down menu. Click on “Write a Column”.
  3. Write your post here



How to view which fonts are available to use?

Click on fonts in second line of editor to view list of fonts that can be used to write your post.

select font




How to set text size and color?

Click on size in second line of editor to set font size. Please make sure that the font size should neither be very small nor too large to read.

Note: Font size 12 is the standard size to use and is easily readable by everyone.


Click on icon in second line to choose color for your post. Make sure it is consistent through out the post, unless it is necessary to use multiple color for e.g. in language tutorial or a special note etc.


How to use preset heading formats in text editor?

Click on normal in second line of editor to select different preset formats including headings. Try using different formats to see how they work.



How to check spelling errors before submitting the post?

Click on icon in text editor and choose Check Spelling from the drop down menu, it will highlight all the spelling errors (if any) for you to correct them before you submit the post. Moreover, You can select language before checking the spellings, by default it is set to American English.



How to insert images in your post?

Click on icon in text editor to upload and insert image to your post. You will see a pop up, choose the image you want to upload and click “Send it to the server” and then click OK. Your image will be added to text editor.


How to preview post before submitting?

Before submitting the post, please make sure all the Headings, Text and Images are neatly aligned.

Click on icon in text editor to preview your post. You will have a clearer view on how your post will look once it is published. My Post’s preview below



How to edit post after it is submitted?

Once you have submitted your post and you realize that there is something missing, or something needs to be updated. Follow the steps below to update your post.

Step 1:

Go to the Top Menu Bar and click on “Profile”. A drop down will appear, click on “My Posts”

Step 2:

Select category of the post that you want to edit mentioned below your name.

Step 3:

A List of your posts from that category will open, now you can search and select the post you want to edit. There is a link to edit post below each post. Click on the edit button and it will allow you to edit your post. Edit the post and click Update.



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