Dear Young Professionals,


Dear Young Professionals,


The moment you start working, focus.

Focus on what you are doing. Stop wasting your company’s time checking your social media accounts or browse the internet for personal stuff. If I counted the number of times you grabbed your phone while doing your job, it would be like ten times per hour, it is ridiculous. Then when our boss went to your desk, you quickly switched your browser to something related to work. Our boss asked you about the file he needed and you said you are still working on it. Pathetic. You have been sitting on it for hours while checking on the notifications.

Your friend by the way, just got back. He just got back from an hour in the smoking area. This should be banned rather than encouraged. It used to be coffee break, now it has become a smoke break for many. You young pros have too many distractions that eat up working time.

Focus on your progress. Stop looking at the promotions given to people and spread words that your bosses don’t even deserve it. Keep studying, keep improving. Keep creating. Keep thinking. All these things will have their results seen in you. When you are too busy improving yourself, you will not have too much time focusing in the imperfections of others.

Put your money where it should be. As young as now, a percentage of your money should go to continuous development. Save money for workshops, seminars, online courses, anything that will help you improve every year. Doing this adds value to your skills.

A boss always looks at progress among his employees. Is this employee showing improvement? Does he love his job enough to think on ways on how to be better at it? You think bosses don’t mind, but they see these when they happen. They see changes in you when it starts happening and that leads to possible promotions.

Invest for the future. Part of your money should go to your future investments or savings. Never think that your present company will always be in good shape. You don’t know when economic crisis will suddenly come and it might hit your company and layover some employees. You should have money saved to last you at least for six months to one year.

Last year, I saw our entire millennial employees traveled twice for an extravagant weekend vacation. I shook my head in disappointment. You all spent your money on those travels, which are not bad, but from what I see, it has been a costly vice. Everyone keeps on talking about where to go next, or what to do this holiday. I heard no one talking about taking further improvements or studies, or attending workshops. By the half part of last year, most of the millennial employees became broke, with credit cards all maxed out by the end of the year. It was a dismay.

Young pro, you are the next big bosses of the company. My time here is done. All my kids have their own families, they are all financially capable, I just really stay to have something to do during the week, and I don’t know what will happen to this company once you go up the ladder, well, that is, if you will ever be given the chance to go up the ladder with those kinds of behaviors.

There is still time to change your ways. You are still young and there’s a lot in front of you. Play the game right.


The Oldest Person in the Company


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