Drive Your Life With Riem

I am a Saudi / German, 3rd culture kid. Through my work as a life coach and mediator, I help empower others to take charge of their lives, embrace their choices, honor their true selves and enjoy the ride. I can be followed on my social media account mentioned in contact section.


My Perfectly Imperfect Body

Hello, my name is Riem and have struggled with my body and weight for most of my life. I bet you can relate to this. Thighs are too big, Breasts are too small Too short or too tall Nose is too pointy Lips are too thin Eyes too small or too…

A Dedications to Women’s Sacred Bonds

Since March is women’s month, I was asked to dedicate this month’s article to women. It was a challenge, considering I have dedicated my coaching practice to work with women find their inner voice and reconnect with their tribes. All my…
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