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Monthly Column: Drive Your Life With Riem

Do you ever wonder about other women’s lives? Like actual real day-to-day, hard working women? So often I meet one and think wow, she looks so great, works so hard and seems to get so much done! I wonder what she is doing to keep it all together like that. Or hear about someone and think wow, I wonder what she is doing so well, and how can she do all she does… without collapsing. We admire them and often have them as mentors.

With that in mind, Pathways will be interviewing women and posting their interviews here in our community journal. These are women I know personally or have been recommended to me as being women who inspire others to do more and be better. Women who motivate others and are truly beautiful inside and out. Let’s peek into their lives just a bit, shall we?

The old English proverb, “Dynamite comes in small packages”, holds true in regard to our next interviewee. This spiced filled Saudi / German mixed woman will surprise you with her powerful insights into the world. There really cannot be a better personal slogan for her, as Drive Your Life with Riem really says it all. Her passion for helping people live their best life, shows through in these simple words on her Facebook page, Embrace the Power Within & enjoy the life you are meant to lead.

As proclaimed in her biography on Pathways to Human Solidarity’s domain, she is a Saudi / German, 3rd culture kid, and through her work as a life coach and mediator, she helps empower others to take charge of their lives, embrace their choices, honor their true selves and enjoy the ride.

Without anymore delay, lets peak inside a bit and see what makes her tick.

We asked her

  • Things that make you happy, body and soul

Dancing, practicing Tai Chi. Being in the present. Hugging and being mindful of it , having a great relaxed conversation.

  • Ways in which you can love others

Ask them how they want to be loved and supported.

  • Places you want to go

Haha too many. China, Russia, Namibia, Thailand, Ireland , Netherlands, the Caribbean are a few . Seeing any part of the world is treat.

  • Favorite essentials:

A source of music and books and a way to stay in contact with my family. Lavender oil and the Power of Surrender Card.

  • Things that feel like home

Being that I identity as a child of the universe, my parents are from two different countries (Saudi and German) and I had a multi-cultural upbringing, home becomes more of a feeling than a physical space. Being in certain places make me feel somewhat at home but it’s the people and environment that effect what I call home. I can be in the woods or in the desert and have be in that homey feeling.

  • Childhood dreams

To live in a farm with lots of animals. Be a belly dancer. Be a psychologist. I studied psychology and decided to become a life coach instead so at least I made that dream come true . I know whatever profession I choose next will have to be in the helping profession and maybe one day I will live in a farm and be a belly dancer (laughingly)

  • Favorite quotes

I am a quote junkie, there are too many to pick so I have seasonal ones. For now these remain a few that I currently use:

“Don’t get bitter get better”

‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ Rupaul

“Obstacles is a detour in the right direction “Gabi Bernstein

“Who do you want to be in this situation ?”

  • People you admire

Great question. I realized that I have an easy time choosing to admire people but I never really thought of who I admire and why. For starters, I admire hard working people and those who overcome obstacles in life. Some of them are celebrities and historic figures who obviously I don’t know personally. Then there are people who I meet during my daily life even if it’s for a brief few seconds. I also admire people who believe in kindness and compassion regardless of the outcome. Probably every person has something to be admired for. I don’t have to agree with them or with their views but sincerely finding this quality definitely helps us connect at a human level.

  • Best advice for overcoming failures:

You made a mistake. SO WHAT! It’s not end of the world. There is a reason why this happened. You can spend your time being hard on yourself and dwell on what is not working for you or you can work on moving into a better place.
Choices that were made yesterday were perfect for the situation then. Today is another day with new challenges and new opportunities to make choices than better suit me today.

  • Ways you are energized

A hug, being out in nature, mindful breathing, tai chi, playing with my nieces and nephews. , listening to music and dance.

  • How is where you are in life today different than a year ago–and what positive changes are you thankful for?

A great question considering it’s the end of the end of the year. I am definitely in another place. I believe that we are all work in progress. Am becoming comfortable in my own skin. I had some challenges in the past and choose to see them differently. They are still challenges but are less stressful now.

I am thankful for many things: I started practicing Tai Chi. I am working on projects that I enjoy doing and have been postponing for years. I couldn’t have started with them if it hadn’t been for the family support.

I am more involved in women support groups and it brings a lot of joy and inspiration to watch how we women support each other. This also affected my coaching practice, I have more experience than I did last year.

  • List five body parts that you’re grateful for and why. (Those long legs help you reach items on the top shelf … don’t forget the little things).

Does hair count as a body part? I love my hair. It has a personality of its own and it also reflects my personality. A lot of women have issues with their hair and are not satisfied. The more reason to include it as a body part, even if it not.

I am told I have nice toes.

I like my fingers. My mom’s family has tall skinny fingers and my dad’s family has short and wide fingers. I have in between fingers. A combination of two families. Not as long and not as wide, and not short and skinny either.

I have always had big breasts and it always made me uncomfortable because of unwanted attention, mockery, not being able to find proper sizes and so on. I have come to accept it and have a better relationship with my body and my breasts. They are not going anywhere so I might as well embrace them.

I have strong legs!

  • What is something you’re grateful to have learned this week?
  • I received a great reminder this week. During a conversation, it’s fully acceptable to just listen and not respond especially when someone is venting. Just help create this safe and loving space for them to vent and then ask them how you can support them. I do this in my coaching practice all the time but somehow I forgot about this when family members and close friends vent or are upset.

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