Effects of Pandemic on Personality

The outburst of the Coronavirus has disrupted the world’s economy and health system severely. The months of quarantine and lockdown have affected us intensely, as it disrupted our daily routines in a number of ways that would not normally occur in years. Social distancing has forced many to go into isolation. Some stranded out of their home country whereas some stuck in an abusive relationship. The lockdown has jolted us hard and forced us to see what was never seen before. Regardless of whatever the situation we are stuck in during a pandemic, it has undoubtedly slowed us down. It has swiftly stopped the hustle of life and gave us a moment to rethink and reshuffle the priorities in life.

During this period of lockdown, most of us have realized the importance of living with basics only, as at the beginning, when the lockdown was declared, it was even difficult for us to digest the fact that we cannot go out and cannot have frequent hang-outs with friends. Lesser gatherings cut down the need of frequent shopping trips and spending unnecessary on lavish or luxury items. Those things which used to appeal to us, do not hold meaning any longer. Initially, our mind refused to accept the sudden change due to which many went into depression and anxiety but gradually with the passage of time we gave in and began to accept the situation. We started adjusting according to the new routine but it has profound effects on our personalities.

There have been ups and downs during this pandemic, it comprised of different phases, such as the “time of lockdown”, “quarantine time” or “home office time”. We have learned to receive these challenges positively. These lessons are deeply personal, yet we can find hues of similarity in such experiences across the globe. Many referred to this phenomenon of change in behavior to the Michelangelo Effect – where the romantic partner influences each other’s behavior and help them to achieve their perceived ideal self.

"The lockdown might have turbocharged a phenomenon known as 'the Michelangelo effect,' which refers to the way we are more likely to develop into the kind of person we want to be if we're with a close romantic partner who supports and encourages us to behave in line with our aspirations — akin to a sculptor helping to reveal our ideal self."- Jarrett.

Such a personality change has been caused by the sudden shock that pushed us out from our comfort zones. It is natural to resist change in the beginning, but as soon as the reality set in that COVID 19 is not going anywhere any sooner, our mind accepted it as a new norm and adapts to the new routine. The virtual meetings took place of meetings in person, working from home and online schools become a regular feature.

The Corona crisis has allowed us to witness a completely different set of experiences, which was not even conceivable before the outbreak of COVID 19. It has taught us the lesson to be flexible and plan for the future for better survival. Humanity will weather away this crisis, but there are many more ahead. Now, this is the time to think ahead about life post-COVID and plan it in a way to resolve issues, that could prevent future occurrences of such a crisis. 


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