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We are always focused on attaining the outer beauty and least bothered about inner beauty. Our endless pursuit to beautify our physical world is making us more and more materialistic as a collective society. We want the latest gadgets, the latest in fashion, and the latest of everything. We want to be the first in line to *upgrade* our physical lives but sadly last in line to *upgrade* our souls.

We can hide our physical flaws by using cosmetics but we cannot hide our flaws in soul. It is important to remember that we can achieve the true beauty only if we have the truly beautiful soul. The exuberance of the pure soul always spreads positivity and love. The aura filled with energy makes other people feel comfortable and everyone enjoys their company regardless of their physical appearance. 

The cleansing of our soul is not a rocket science, neither does it cost us fortune. All you need to do is to calm down your inner chaos / turmoil and a little effort to explore your true self.

Let Go of Your Past

Many times we are clung to our past, in hope to stay in our comfort zone or to avoid the pain from the past. The intrinsic tendency of our brain is to protect us from pain. When we had the pleasant time, we are unusually attached to that time period and drive pleasure, by thinking about that time while ignoring the blessings we have in present time. Or, in case we have had negative memories associated with the past, we tend to avoid every single possibility to bring back those memories into consciousness. Such behavior makes us anxious and leads us to take wrong decisions in life which can lead to regrets in life and leaves a bad mark on our soul. It causes a constant drain on our energies. A simple way to tackle this problem is to accept the pleasures and pains from the past and move on. Live in current times and focus on whatever you have in the present time.

Develop Empathy

Empathy means seeing the world through others’ eyes. Most of the time we are trapped in our egos that blinds us from seeing what are the troubles other people are facing. Passing on judgments or making assumption about others’ behavior or personality without understanding their perspective causes breakdown in intimate relationships and adversarial attitudes – including hatred – towards groups of people who differ in their beliefs, traditions or ways of life from your own.  For example, I used to feel annoyed when my maid used to show up late every day. My anger vanished, when I found out that she is a single mom and her employer is very strict and always gives extra work at the time when she is almost finished with her work. She felt helpless as she can’t afford to leave the work because of her financial instability. A simple understanding on others’ perspective will save us from resentments and develop a positive and healthy relationship.  Never hold grudges against each other, as it hurts your soul more than anything else.

Stay Close to Nature

Always keep it in mind that physical beauty never satisfies the soul. Your soul is always in search of things that are close to nature or found in its original form. That is the reason why, you feel refreshed when you hear the sound of rain or when you are at beach swimming in the sea.  So, meditate and discover your true self, because the closer you are to your natural self the more beautiful you will appear.

Do not lose your true beauty in the pursuit of physical and materialistic pleasure. Each one of us is gifted with the beautiful soul all we need to do is just to activate it by focusing on our inner beauty. Not only will you feel amazing, this new found positivity will pave the way for greater spiritual success and healing.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Thank you ❤. I love the gentle and enlightening advice.🙏 I believe we fill our lives with things to fill and cover the empty spaces within.


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