Family Visits Are The Best!


Everywhere I lived, I always love when family member came to visit us. Besides spending quality time together, we also asked them to bring over Malaysian food! Last month, my sister and aunty came and spent about 10 days with us. We had great time together. We brought them to some places which most of my friends in Jeddah never heard of! So, I am going to share those information here. Hope it helps.

Jeddah has so many museums as if you google online and on TripAdvisor. Once I passed the Balad area, I saw one museum signage. There is also one inside Balad itself which I have visited when I chaperoned school children. But there is one that so interesting as I attached their picture herewith is called Al-Tayebat International City Museum in Al Faisaliyah district. It is quite big and I would suggest you spend at least 2 hours for the 4 floors buildings exhibition. They have the old Kaabah Kiswah when Kaabah size was way smaller, some designs of tiles and architecture examples from other countries like Iran and Morocco, and old artifacts from all over the world. The entrance fee is SAR80 per person, but you can only enter from Sunday to Friday if you have a group of 5 adults. Only on Saturday, individual are allowed to go at any numbers. Small children enter free on Saturday. They open from 10 until 1 noon, close and open back from 5 pm till 8. However, when we were there, they closed at 12.30 for Zohor prayer. But 2 hours was enough. We had extra time to take photos outside the museum area which were so big. Go and bring your children on Saturday. Any number will do, but only on Saturday.

Another nice things to share when family members visit Jeddah is the range of cuisines and exclusive restaurants. We brought my sister to aunty to several of them, for them to experience the different type of food. Among our favorite which they went to are Chennai Dabbar (for Indian cuisines), Cheesecake Factory (for the cake of course, and the international varieties), iHop (for the pancakes, waffles, and omelette breakfast), Khayal (for the famous Turkish platter), AlBaik (of course, for the typical Saudis ‘KFC’ chicken), Al Seddah (for the best mandi rice here), and of course DSaji (the only Malaysian restaurant in Jeddah). They enjoy and love every bit of each restaurant we brought them to. You can bring your family too when they come.

Besides the museum and restaurants, my sister and aunt had the golden opportunity to try the speed Haramain train to Madinah. It was so convenient that we went on the first train in the morning, and came back late evening with the last train. The cost is so reasonable at SAR 268 for economy return tickets. In between, my sister and aunt also visited Corniche and adore the beauty of Red Sea, shopping a few gorgeous colourful abayas at Mall of Arabia, and impressed with the range of high end brand at those boutiques in Thalia Street. They had great time and so did me and my family.

Do check out the tourist visa Saudi government is issuing by the end of 2019. The visa cost is SAR440 and is valid for 3 months.

Kids start school tomorrow, holiday is over! Good luck everyone!!!

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