Gluten-free resources in Jeddah

By: GypsyGirl

For a new arrival in Jeddah, it is a bit of a challenge to find gluten free sources whilst traveling.
Over a period of 4 years, I have put together some sources that can help you find the specific
gluten-free resources you need in Jeddah, which I am happy to share. There will be 2 follow up
articles in the following months about ‘Gluten-free restaurants in Jeddah’ and ‘Gluten-alternatives in Jeddah’. Here are the gluten-free resources in Jeddah:

  1. Danube, Serafi Mall: has gluten-free flour, plain flour, coconut flour, corn tortilla,
    sunflower seed bread.
  2. Lulu: has quinoa, gluten-free spiral pasta, rice noodles and rice paper for rolls.
  3. Star market: has Mung bean noodles and tofu.
  4. Asian stores (Sarawat Superstores. Koreana supermarket/restaurant in al Hamra/Berry
    Garden market in al Zahra) may sell the following:

    • Sweet potato starch noodle 红薯粉丝
    • Thin) 红薯粉条 and thick) japchae ( Korean)
    • Glass noodle/ mung bean starch noodle 粉丝
    • Rice noodle 米线 (thin) 米粉 (thick)
  5. Yasmin flour mills, Azizya: sells a lot of gluten-free grains that can be freshly milled into
    flour to make rotis/flatbreads.
  6. Abazeer, Madina road sells organic and gluten-free foodstuff.
  7. Refaat Centre st Saqr Quraish, as Salamah: Tel. no. 0126831327 has choices of bread made
    of corn, millet, rice, and soy.
  8. Saqr Quraish, Al Salamah Jeddah 23436. Phone 0126831327 is a supermarket that sells 3
    different flat breads made of herbs, corn, soybeans, millet crackers.
  9. Nahdi Pharmacy: Sometimes sells gluten-free products.


  • I would like to acknowledge some of the contributions made by some of the women
    from WhatsApp group “Real Food”, Jeddah.
  • Tip: If you see something unusual or unique in a shopping center – like gluten-free stuff,
    you might want to stock up, as they may not be available on your next visit.
  • Please do your own research about what kinds of foods are gluten-free.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Wow. This will come in really handy for a lot of people I know in Jeddah. Thanks

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