Gypsy Girl

Vidhya Raghavan is a foot-loose, fancy free, gypsy-girl who has travelled several different countries solo. She has also lived and worked in Australia, Kuwait, Oman and is currently living and working in Saudi Arabia since the last 3 years.

She is resourceful and is eager to share her tips and ideas. Through these columns, she aims to share resources that makes life easier in Saudi Arabia.



Travel Security For Women While Travelling

Top 9 safety tips for solo travellers By Vidhya Raghavan I have been travelling solo for more than 10 years now.  I have now lived and worked in 4 different countries and travelled across 9 different countries.  I think it takes a different…

Travelling From Saudi Arabia

By Vidhya Raghavan  1- General: Make sure you ‘understand’ your flight timings if it is a.m. or p.m. Carry a set of changing clothes with you in case your suitcase is lost or delayed. Make sure your suitcase is identifiable with a ribbon or…
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