Hard Work is Not Enough to Achieve Success

There is a general notion that if you want to succeed, you would have to work hard. Think again! If it is really true, then why do we see many unsuccessful people, working hard day and night, just to make their ends meet. Over the years, we have been taught that “Just work hard, and things will work out for you.” This is actually a half-truth. Hard work is one of the most important ingredients to achieve success but it is dangerous to assume that it is the only requirement to succeed. It appears that you need more than just hard work. In today’s world, hard work is just not enough to succeed. There is more to success than just working hard every day.

Let’s examine some of the factors, other than hard work, that are important to get to success.

Work Smart!

Successful people do not only work hard, but they also work smart and different. In order to succeed, one has to make an impact, be creative and different from the rest. Many people think that the mindless repetition of any task brings mastery, but unfortunately, it is not true. In reality, to gain mastery, one needs to practice continuously and at the same time, learn from mistakes and keep improvising their strategy.

Rafael Nadal, the all-time greatest Tennis player, said:

“There are people who have talent, but there are others who have the ability to improve. And those who have more capacity to improve are usually those who have more options to succeed. It’s always the same story”.

Self- Determination Is The Key To Succeed

Everybody dreams of getting success but very few achieve it. WHY? Because it requires hard work, sacrifices, a lot of patience, and most importantly, perseverance or self-determination. There is a common mistake that many people commit when reaching for their goals, and that is they procrastinate. They say that they want to achieve their goals but, they do not do anything about it.

There’s an old Haitian proverb that goes, “Beyond mountains are more mountains.” Those who can continue to overcome obstacles are the ones, will be successful because the truth is, obstacles never stop, people stop trying. They lose their hopes and give up way too soon when they face failures and rejections. Only those succeed who are persistently in follow through their dreams till they make it into a reality.

Colonel Sanders, faced 1009 rejections to his chicken recipe, till his recipe was accepted and became world-famous Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). Jack Ma, one of the wealthiest people on earth, could not find a job during his early career. These rejections did not make him stop and today, his net worth is over $36 billion, according to Forbes.

Burnouts Are For real, Avoid It

Working hard continuously drains out all energies, leaving a person frustrated and exhausted. When people work unreasonably long hours, they are completely consumed and unable to see the opportunities. It is of utmost importance to take breaks in between keep up the momentum. These breaks are essential to replenish the energies to be able to continue the journey with full spirit. Just imagine that even your phone needs to be recharged at least every 24 hours, then how can a human being keep on working without re-energizing.

Reaching your goals is not easy by any means. It requires a lot of hard work, courage, and determination. Just follow your dream, get obsessed with it and make it a reality.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you so much. Yes, burnouts are real. When we are in the swing of things we cannot imagine how debilitating a burn out can be and how it can poorly affect a career path. It is always better to move slow and steady. Thanks again for this wonderful advice.

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