Ambreen Nadeem keeps Inspiring others to search and find their “greatness”.


Pathways is taking time every month to interview women that Inspire others to search and find their “greatness“. Ambreen is one of those women.

Ambreen goes by the name ‘psychology talks’ in her monthly column at Pathways.  This mother of three hails from Pakistan but has been living in the Kingdom for the past eight years.  The earlier part of her Saudi days was lived in Riyadh.

She is a Jeddawi for the past two years.  Armed with a Master’s degree in Psychology, certification in various languages like Spanish and French and a good practical understanding of human nature. As if that was not enough to credit her with, Ambreen has been conducting various mother and children workshops here in Jeddah.

She is an ardent reader.  Psychology, philosophy, astronomy, astrology and quantum physics are her main areas of interest.  She enjoys arts, craft, painting and traveling around the world to explore various cultures and cuisines.  Ambreen also practices Yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

Pathways couldn’t wait to find out a little about what makes her tick.  We Asked Ambreen the following questions:

  1. Words that touch your soul

Fabi Ayye Aalaae rabbikuma tukazziban (Surah Ar Rehman)

  1. Greatest Comfort

My Children

  1. Things you should be proud of

My thirst for Knowledge

  1. Goals and dreams present and future

To serve humanity by spreading knowledge especially about human psychology, this can help people in their daily lives.

  1. What you are grateful for

Everything in life

  1. Things that make you happy, body and soul

Meditation, Yoga, and recitation of Quran

  1. Places you want to go

Spain, Italy/Vatican City, and Turkey

  1. Favorite essentials

Perfumes, Lipstick, foundation, eyeliner

  1. Favorite quotes

I think therefore I am

  1. People you admire

William Shakespeare, Stephen Hawking, Brian Greene,

  1. Best advice for overcoming failures

Never give up, you may find one way closed but there is always an alternate route.

  1. Write about a person in your life that you’re especially grateful for and why.

My mother is always an inspiration in my life.  She is always there when I need her, guided me at every step, and stood by me when I had to take the toughest decisions in my life.  Most importantly she taught me the values of life.  May Allah bless her always.

  1. What is there about a challenge you’re experiencing right now that you can be thankful for? 

I used to be a very career-oriented woman with high ambitions.  But after kids, my thinking got changed.  My family and my kids became my first priority.  However, I still miss my full-fledged career.  In order to stay in touch with my career, I do freelance work, but it is indeed very challenging.  Several times I yearn to join professional life but when I look at my kids, I defer my decision.

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