Jeddah Corniche has been in its renovation stage for quite some years now and the changes are being appreciated by the people. From the addition of facilities to the parks being revived, Jeddah Corniche is far from how it used to LOOK like, but still close to how it used to BE. It looks more modern now, but it still one of the best places around for families to spend time and relax.

People used to walk along the seaside. After that, they would spread their blankets on the grass or just sit on the stone benches with the kids as they all watch the sun set in all its glory. Now, people don’t just go to Corniche to see the fountain, sea, or sunset. There are many activities to enjoy and places to stay in as you walk along Jeddah’s new and improved Corniche.

1. Jeddah Corniche Restaurants

Along the new parks and activity areas of Jeddah Corniche are the mushrooming restaurants packed with people especially during weekends. You can check out Tripadvisor’s 10 Best Restaurants along Jeddah Corniche. If you are near the bike rental shops, or maybe you are returning the bicycles and are too hungry to walk another mile to find another restaurant, then you may dine in Topsaj Jeddah which is just beside the bike rentals.

Please prepare coins if you are going to go there just to use the toilet, because you’ll have to pay. I assume this is because many people go there to use their toilet since it is one of the nearest restaurants in the bike rental area that has one.

2. Jeddah Corniche Bike Rentals

There are bike rental shops along Corniche now. There’s 1-2-3 Go for those
cute colored bicycles for the family. While the Cyclist shop is more for single bicycle rides.

Here’s the exact location of where you can rent and where you should start if you want to rent bikes. It is advisable to park your car near this area because your legs will be too exhausted to have a long walk after the bike rides. Especially if you rent the family bikes. It is not easy to pedal with the whole family on board! 😂 Worth all the fun, though. 🙂

UCC Tours

3. Jeddah Corniche Shows

There are bands that play along Corniche or inside the restaurants in Corniche. Just the thought of it brings a remarkable difference of how conservative Jeddah was a few years ago and how open it has become in the recent months (or almost a year).

4. Jeddah Corniche’s Sweater Weather

Oh, walking during this cold season is a lot different than walking during summer nights in Jeddah. Getting sweaty is not the problem during summer, but the the heat and headache that you get do not make your walking so enjoyable. Not so for singles, but for families with kids, it is. Summers, you’ll walk for a couple of minutes and kids start to complain about the heat and sweat.

During the cold season, the kids enjoy walking and jogging for a long time. Just be sure to let them wear sweater or jacket. A bonnet or a hoodie because it can be a bit windy.

Do ladies still have to wear abayas? Well, I’ve seen women walking there without abaya and it is now becoming normal. I see women even in malls just wearing a colored coat or a dark blouse. Last night, some women were wearing just jacket and pants as they were jogging in Corniche along with men and kids. It felt so new to me since I haven’t been out lately and it’s just now that I’ve seen these changes in the streets before my eyes.

5. Family, Friends, or ME Time

Bring your family and friends there and create moments while you are still staying here in Jeddah. I’m talking to expats whose time in Saudi Arabia is unpredictable. It’s time to explore the city. Go out, savor every moment you can share with your family as you go to different places here in Jeddah. These places are free. Call your friends, walk along Corniche for a change. Breathe some fresh air, have a talk, take a ride at the bikes.

If you want to go there alone and have some ME time, go ahead. Relax, take time to enjoy the place and be inspired. Take it as a reset time for the week.

The point is seize the day. Whether you go to the new restaurants, ride the bikes, watch shows, or have a walk, take this opportunity while your body can still enjoy exploring the city. Make it even more memorable by bringing the people you love with you. Moments don’t just happen. Sometimes, you exert an effort to make each day a moment.

Have you been to Jeddah Corniche lately? What did you enjoy most while staying there? Share them in the comment section below.


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