Jeddah – A Woman’s Paradise for Budget Shopping

By: Nailah Writes

International Women’s Day Special:

Jeddah – A Woman’s Paradise for Budget Shopping

Jeddah is ‘the place to be’ when it comes to budget shopping and what better way to celebrate womanhood than to relax, unwind & shop, especially while saving.

Once upon a time, there were small pocket friendly shops around the city commonly known as 2 riyal shops mostly located in densely populated areas. Well, that has drastically changed over the years.

The city now has an array of huge all in one shops, the size of department stores, known as 5 riyal shops that have products ranging from 2-5 riyals and discount stores that have products costing anywhere between 1 to 200 riyals.

One of the oldest such 5 riyal shop is Alam al Taufeer (World of Savings), located in Al-Faisaliyah district near the well-known Mehmood Saeed furniture market. Once you drive around the market onto Hassan Ibn Yahya street, the gigantic blue, brightly lit sign is hard to miss.

One step into this shop is a shopaholic’s dream come true. As you enter this shop you will find decorative soaps, cleaning agents, spice jars, sugar bowls, snack serving trays, fridge jugs, water/juice dispensers, fancy drinking glasses and hot beverage tumblers. The aisles are filled with choices of plastic and glass materials of everything available to choose from. Next to these is the perfume aisle, mainly consisting of replicas of branded perfumes, incense & oud. Next come the pretty artificial bouquets & other home décor items, but the best is yet to come-ceramic crockery!

Walking past aisles of cling film/aluminum wraps, table covers & mats, tissue rolls/boxes, hair accessories, tools, clothing, mobile accessories, school & office supplies, toys, party supplies, kitchen tools, storage boxes/baskets and a lot of other items, one gets easily mesmerized by the variety of chic ceramic crockery & bakeware seated abundantly between imitation plastic crockery, mostly dishwasher-safe and bordering culinary elegance, all for 2-5 riyals! And when you are finally done shopping, don’t forget to refuel at the gelato stall on your way out.

As if this treasure trove wasn’t enough, located close by, on Fatimah Bint Al Khattab street, is another popular shopper’s paradise called Bashawat. Here, there is a larger inventory of products that are both similar & different from those available at other discount stores costing up to few 100 riyals but most of the items are for SR.10 or less. It has been a favourite amongst crafters & DIY fans and is also quite resourceful for space saving & other innovative products not commonly available at budget friendly shops elsewhere. This store also recently got its earthenware, natural plants & pets corner apart from snack stalls near its exit.

Other stores to add to this list for budget shopping are Bawazir (two major branches: one opposite Bashawat & another in Bugshan Tower, Balad), Mohjah (Al Makarunah road, Rabwah district), Mohjah Hira (in Mandarin Avenue, Hira street, Safa district), Bravo (Abdul Aziz Ibn Ibrahim street, Safa district), Hadaya Centre (two major branches next to Shobra on Prince Saud Al Faisal street, Safa district & another near Bravo), Minnie (two major branches: one on Al Imam Al Shafei street, Faisaliyah district & another in Al- Sulaymania Plaza, Abdul Quddus Al Ansari street, Sulaymaniyah district), Fursa Ya Balash (Jabal Al Malsuniyyah street, Safa district) & many other 5 riyal discount stores around the city like Alam Wesam (King Fahd road, Nuzhah district).

This article is especially dedicated to all the women out there who do so much more than just make efforts to beautify the lives of those around them. Please leave a message in the comments for the beautiful women in your life or email me at



  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    So…. I’m ready. Take me with you. 😁 When can we go shopping? 😍 I’m not much of a shopper. I get in and get out… You’ve inspired me to change that.

  2. Anonymous says

    Thankuuuu so much for the information

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