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By: Wonder with Gil

If you are a mom by now, you have probably experienced growing up as a child looking at those big family photo albums whenever you go to a relative’s house or any of your friend’s house.

Looking at old photos used to be the conversation starters for visitors and hosts. Those throwback photos never fail to spark interesting talks between people and they certainly leave you with a better knowledge of a person after your visit.

Lately however, the digital age has given us so many copies of captured memories, but a few or none of them are available when visitors come or when our kids start talking about the time they went to a park, a field trip or somewhere outside the country. All those captured moments are on our computers or on Facebook and we have missed a lot of opportunities to share to our visitors and relatives the milestones of our lives whenever they visit (especially those who are not into technology).

I remember when my aunts came to our house one time and my mom had to ask me to turn on the computer to show my aunts some photos. Some of the photos were on social media and the internet was too slow, it was so frustrating and when the photos finally were up, not everyone was looking. Unlike for tangible printed photos where photos usually get distributed and everyone giggles at their own pace. You get what I mean, you’ve experienced that, right?

Now, there are many ways nowadays on how to preserve this tradition of having tangible copies of photos in order to have them handy when you want your kids to talk about them or when there are visitors in the house.


This is one easy way if you want everything to be done for you. You can just send them all the photos and they will make a Photobook for you.

You can go to their page here: PHOTOBOOK WORLDWIDE US: 40% OFF Canvas. Use Code : JAN19

Photobook Worldwide

Now, if you have a printer at home, and more like a DIY person, then maybe you’d like to try this modern-day photo album idea.


I love writing my thoughts, although I have somehow transitioned from diaries to blogs (, I still keep notebooks for my personal ramblings and lessons worthy to be written down on and passed on to my kids. Some love planners, I love journals. Now, I made a video of it on my Youtube channel and I want to share to you, this method, which can be tedious I know, but I found out that it can be so relaxing to do especially if you think of it as something that your kids will look at after many years. It actually looks like a photo album but with personal notes and thoughts written on them. Here are some photos so you can get the idea.


The style maybe really up to you and your personality. Each person has a different way of keeping memories. I like it as simple as possible. Just printed photos and written words. Here, I just used black and white because I ran out of colored ink, but I think colored one would be great as well, although I’ve noticed that since this is black and white, it added that vintage look to it.


This above was during our visit at the Old Historical Jeddah Center.

Now, if you think you’d like to try this DIY, here’s a video of how I made it.



The aim of making precious memories like this one (and other types of photo albums other people make) is to have easy access to these memories. The kids love it whenever they reminisce those special moments with the family.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    This is an amazing journal. I love it. I will definitely try to make one. I keep a journal but without pictures. Thanks for sharing. 🤩🤩

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