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An Interview With Mariyah

Do you ever wonder about other women’s lives? Like actual real day-to-day, hard working women? So often I meet one and think wow, she looks so great, works so hard and seems to get so much done! I wonder what she is doing to keep it all together like that. Or hear about someone and think wow, I wonder what she is doing so well, and how can she do all she does… without collapsing. We admire them and often have them as mentors.

With that in mind, Pathways will be interviewing women and posting their interviews here in our community journal. These are women I know personally or have been recommended to me as being women who inspire others to do more and be better; women who motivate others and are truly beautiful inside and out. Let’s peek into their lives just a bit, shall we?

Meet Mariyah, She has a busy life but still works hard to make time to share with us her passion for books. Exploring Books with M As a self-proclaimed book worm, she knows how to enchant us with her reviews of them. When she isn’t reading she is taking us on her adventures, A Couple of Explorers or in the kitchen cooking up something to take our taste buds on an adventure. 🙂

Without any more delay, lets peak inside a bit and see what makes her tick.

We asked her,

  • Words that touch your soul?

There are no one or two words that mean much to me. However, my catchphrase always has been

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

By Robert Frost.

  • Greatest comfort?

My greatest comfort comes from the knowledge that I have a lot of loved ones that I can fall back on any time I need them. And another thing that gives me comfort any time I need it is my collection of books.

  • What are you grateful for?

I am grateful always for the people I have around me, my family, my husband, my friends and the knowledge that I possess. I am grateful for the fact that God has blessed me with a healthy mind and body, and in that itself, I am much more privileged than so many others.

  • Ways in which you can love others

Love is a beautiful thing which can be expressed in so many ways. The small ways I like to show my love for others is simply by being in touch with them regularly. A simple “hello, how are you?” can show others that you are thinking about them, that you care enough about them to ask them about their well-being. Even encouraging the ones, you love to do something that you know is important for them says a lot. Words of motivation and trust can do a lot to boost a person’s self-confidence.

  • Things that make you happy, body and soul

Stories! Be it in books or movies.

  • Places you want to go

That would be a long list. I want to see the Northern lights, East India, the South American Rainforests, just to name a few!

  • Favorite essentials

Vaseline and body lotion.

  • Best advice for overcoming failures

Everyone fails in life at some point of time or the other. But rather than concentrating on your mistakes and thinking about it, one must always focus on the future. The priority should be thinking about what your next step should be. Accept the failure and move on rather than getting hung up on it.

  • Ways you are energized

Taking the first step for any thing has always been a challenge for me. For me, the best thing that gets me going is walking. Be it for health purpose or just getting up and doing rounds in the house, nothing gets me charged up like getting up and about.

  • What skills or abilities are you thankful to have?

My excellent English language skills, my cooking abilities, and my reading prowess.

  • What is there about a challenge you’re experiencing right now that you can be thankful for?

The biggest challenge that I have faced after coming to Saudi is to find a job. As a qualified professional (MBA in Human Resource myself), it has been very tough for me to sit at home and let my abilities go to waste. I still haven’t been able to find work, but I try to look at the positives around me and concentrate more on my own and my family’s well-being. Having a lot of time for reflection, I realize that I am more blessed in so many ways than others, be it my doting husband, or my caring family, or my beautiful home, or our loving friends; and the least I can do is be thankful for it.

  • What about the city you live in are you grateful for?

Being a Muslim, I couldn’t be more grateful for staying so close Makkah. At every opportunity, I thank God for choosing me to be one of the lucky ones to be close to Him. Another thing which I am thankful is the beautiful Red Sea. It has some of the most truly spectacular sunsets in the world. And also the food scene here is pretty awesome! The Middle East is probably the only place where you can eat any and all cuisines of the world without worrying about its authenticity.

  • What materialistic items are you most grateful for?

The internet without a doubt! My iPad, Netflix, online shopping and my books.

  • What foods or meals are you most thankful for?

Being a big fan of food, I am thankful for each and every thing that we humans can eat. But nowadays, since we adults have to think of our health as well, I am very VERY thankful for the multitude of salad dressings, chicken (roast it, fry it, curry it, it’s delicious!) and seafood. But the most important meal I am thankful for is my morning tea, without which I would be like a zombie all day long.

  • What elements of nature are you grateful for and why?

I am truly and completely in love with nature. Right from the sunrise to the sunset (each sunset is different… really!), to the highest mountains to the blue seas, I can’t help but be overwhelmed by the marvel of it all. I am so thankful to say, that I have traveled a lot and I have really seen so many astounding things. I am so grateful for Mother Nature just for being there. Without her, we wouldn’t survive. Just take a deep breath inside your home and then go outside to a garden and do the same. Tell me how different it feels!

  • What part of your morning routine are you most thankful for?

It is the little things that count. Every morning my husband and I have breakfast together. If someday I do not wake up, he prepares breakfast and then wakes me up just to eat with him. This is one thing I am most thankful for.

  • When was the last time you laughed uncontrollably—relive the memory?

I usually laugh uncontrollably whenever I am with my friends. But the last I remember laughing till it literally hurt, was just last month. We played Pictionary (nothing like turning into children! That is when you start behaving like ‘em!), and as each of our drawing skills came out, that’s when it got incredibly hilarious.

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    I love this advice: “Best advice for overcoming failures:
    Everyone fails in life at some point of time or the other. But rather than concentrating on your mistakes and thinking about it, one must always focus on the future. The priority should be thinking about what your next step should be. Accept the failure and move on rather than getting hung up on it.”

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