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The concept of how leadership works is often misunderstood. It is often confused with management. One of the main differences between leadership and management is a leader will show you how to go from point A to point B while a manager will only tell you to go from point A to point B. The leader has already been to point B or will go with you to assist in finding the best way.

Another difference is the leader will coach you, motivate you, and inspire you. They have fans and followers. They are thinking of building you up as you go along and expand your personal growth so you can develop the skills you need to not only reach the goal but also advance. Managers, however, will only direct you, order you, and assign you the task required to achieve the goal. Managers have partners or employees. Their main concern is that the job gets done, or the goal is reached. Managers rely on the existing skill of the employees and proven behaviors to achieve success.

Leaders are concerned with building people, relationships, and teams, while managers are concerned with making the workforce, systems, and processes. Leaders serve communities and building of talent, while managers serve the goal itself. That is why the most exceptional people in management positions are also great leaders. And there is no better quote to bring proper definition to what leadership is than the following by Denise Morrison:

“I think leadership is service and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.” – Denise Morrison

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