Les Pronoms Personnels PART 2


Les Pronoms Personnels  (Part 2)

                compléments d’objet direct  ( direct object pronouns in English

Complements d’object direct ( direct object pronouns) replace object pronouns to avoid repetition . Consider the following example :

Farida connait Ahmed___________ Farida le connait ( le is the direct object pronouns in French that refers to Ahmed)

Farida knows Ahmed___________Farida knows him


The direct object pronouns in French 

compléments d’objet direct Direct object pronouns
me /m'( contracted form)  me
te/’ t’ ( contracted form) you
le/ l’ ( contracted form) him
la/ l’ ( contracted form) her
nous us
vous you
les them

Note: tu ,me,  le , la have contracted forms m’,t’,l’,l’ when the words after them start with a vowel or silent “h”

Je l’adore



  • Je t’aime____________________ I love you
  • Je les aime__________________I love them
  • Elle nous aime______________ she loves us




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