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"A Little Bit Of Everything" with Sundus Yusuf

Hi! I am Sundus, a teacher, an artisan and a multilingual person.

I speak five different languages and I would ideally keep learning languages rest of my life. I have been passionate about my hobbies my whole life, I enjoy learning, collecting and developing new skills, more than anything I adore sharing my lifestyle, experiences, and travels through my blog. My blog is dedicated to sharing my experiences, strength, and hope.

  I believe:
        “Your life is your message to the world. make sure it’s inspiring”

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Ramadan Muslims

Ramadan Kareem  The ‘’holy month of Ramadan’’ is on the ninth month of Hijiri (the Islamic calendar). Muslims fast during Ramadan and it is believed that the holy Quran was first revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during this month.…

Feeling Rejection By MOM

Feeling Rejection By MOM           Rejection is never a good feeling, it always hurts whether the rejection we experience is small or large we still go through emotional pain. Rejection also damages our self-esteem, mood and changes our…

How To Gain Weight

''Too Skinny'' Do you want to gain weight?                                     For some people, gaining weight can be as difficult as losing weight for others. Gaining weight wasn't an easy journey for me. A year ago I was eager to gain…