Love Is The Light That Illuminates All Souls

According to Einstein,

“love is the most powerful force there is because it has no limits.”

Humans are innately hungry for love. From cradle to grave, human survival revolves around the emotion called love. When a child comes into this world, the child is loved by parents. As we grow old, the need to be loved grows stronger and we seek love from others. We chase humans in the hope to find true love. But in pursuit of finding love, many go astray because they do not know what true love is. They follow what others had defined or what has bee portrayed by Media.

Sadly, media has glamorized this emotion unnecessarily to capitalize on their profits. It portrays the cycle of attachment, needs, and desires as love, which is an exaggeration and far from the true experience of love. Most people try to seek love as per the definitions given by the media. Such pseudo-characterization of love misguides people, and many get confused in following such descriptions of love. Ultimately, they face heartbreaks and setbacks, because they have been chasing an illusion, which is merely the excitement of falling in love. The experience of true love is far richer and ecstatic, as it brings harmony and peace.

When you love someone, you may feel the surge of many emotions, these emotions only serve to open your heart. Your focus shifts from yourself to another one. You experience a complete transformation – physically and spiritually. Love transcends your physical existence as a human being to experience the ‘divine light’ that is concurrently imbued within you. Love connects your mortal physical self with your eternal self.

“When you love, you transcend mere emotion and move into an awareness that is vaster and more significant than just feeling.” – Genevieve Gerard

Love for another human is reciprocal in nature, it always demands to receive, to get something in return. We look for the person who can quench our thirst for love, while the purest form of love exists in the form of unconditional love, which demands nothing in return. Hence, the truest form of love can only be experienced when you love your creator and connect your soul with Him to achieve the Oneness. The most fundamental feature of Divine love is that it tends to transcend itself.

The experience of divine love is extremely joyous and overwhelming. It is the most perfect type of love, which can give your eternal bliss. Once you have experienced divine love, it will lead you to the higher realms of eternal life.

“Love is the crowning grace of humanity, the holiest right of the soul, the golden link which binds us to duty and truth, the redeeming principle that chiefly reconciles the heart to live, and is prophetic of eternal good.” – Petrarch

In simple words, when you learn to love someone, no matter which type of love you experience – divine love or human love, it will offer a life’s adventure, which creates a bond that is eternal and amazing. Love is the greatest synthesizer, as it unifies the mystical expression of your unified self.

“The soul of the soul of universe is Love” – Rumi

Love Is The Light That Illuminates All Souls

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  1. Samantha says

    This collection of reflections and quotes about love is so beautiful!

  2. Anonymous says

    Love illuminates all souls in this world. It is the most powerful language we can communicate through. Thank u for sharing such love stuff

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