LUCA: Of Choices and Friendships

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It has been a long time since I enjoyed a family movie and Luca certainly goes in the list of a must-watch movie for kids. It is full of suspense until the last minute. You just have to always wait what will happen next even though the story seems familiar, the choices done by the characters were unpredictable.

The story started under the sea. I was really confused at that time because the pictures of Luca I saw prior to the movie were pictures of boys. I thought we entered the wrong movie. Little by little, it was shown that Luca and all the other sea creatures could transform into humans once they are off the water. Once the very simple Luca learned that trick from a boy named Alberto, he couldn’t resist going above the water and explore the land. Sound like Little Mermaid at first, but a bit more adventurous.



Luca, despite his parents’ warnings still followed his desire to go with his orphan friend Alberto. Alberto is a wild and carefree boy. He doesn’t care about other things as long as he is happy. Once in the land, both started building fortress, wooden bicycles, motorcycles, until they saw an Italian Vespa motorcycle and both agreed to do everything to have one and explore the world using it. His disobedience was soon found out and his parents went above the water to search for him. This time, the parents were also in human form and they had to figure out who among the boys in town was Luca because they had no idea how Luca looked like was as a human. They could only find out by putting water on every boy because getting wet could reveal Luca’s real identity as as sea creature.


New Friend

In search of a way to get a Vespa, the two boys met Giulia, a strong and determined girl who wants to win the annual triathlon competition in town. She has never won, but she keeps on joining that made her an object of mockery in the town. The three agreed to join forces so they could win. Giulia trained both for the competition, but Luca started realizing that everything he knew about life that Alberto taught were not real. Giulia loves learning and plans to go to school and Luca wanted to follow that path instead of Alberto’s way of life. This caused the boy’s relationship to be in jeopardy. As Luca kept on leaning on to Giulia, Alberto is left to help Giulia’s dad Massimo most of the time and this led Alberto to eventually reveal to Giulia who he really was, but Luca acted as if he didn’t know. The bullies in the town drove Alberto off. Giulia later discovers Luca’s true identity and sends him away for his own safety.



Luca sets out to win the Vespa on his own to make things right. Unfortunately, he had to take shelter when it starts to rain, but Alberto came to the rescue with an umbrella. The bullies however, knocked both off thus revealing their true identities. The people in town who became friends with Luca defended them and all the other sea monsters who were hiding went out to the rain to reveal themselves. Eventually, everyone accepted the sea monsters as part of their town knowing that they had been there all along without harming people.



After winning the race, the boys purchased the Vespa, but Alberto secretly sells it to buy a train ticket for Luca so he could go to school with Giulia. Alberto stayed to help Giulia’s dad  who was left behind. He later became Alberto’s adoptive father and everyone in town enjoyed interacting with the humans.


There was no boring part in the movie. Kids and adults will enjoy the suspense and thrill every time the two boys are near any form of liquid. The maturity of decisions in the end also showed the selfless acts of the boys by not hindering each other from pursuing their dreams, but rather, supported each other to what’s best for them.

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