Hi my name is Alia. I am an architect until I had my son. After he was born, I started learning about social media marketing for it was my passion and meant less working hours and more mommy time. I am an entrepreneur who has a part time job while juggling between a kid, a house, a husband and opening my own business. If this sounds like you then I have a lot to offer you. Let me help you achieve your goals and have it all. You can always follow my chaotic but perfect life on my snapchat and instagram luloblue or send me an email at


Value your time as much as your money

A lot of times people focus on saving money and count and measure everything when it comes to expenses and money. One never realizes that the biggest waste isn’t about not using our resources wisely or about putting a budget and sticking to…

Reflecting goodness on ones self

As you all know Ramadan is close by which means a holy month for Muslims.  The question is what does that mean? That means Muslims around the world will be Fasting and trying to do more good. But Ramadan doesn't mean it can’t be for…

Strong working woman

Have you faced a situation and someone told you oh you’re a woman you can’t do it? You can’t imagine how many times I have faced that while either working or looking for a job. Don’t let that put you off. I have heard it all from “oh…
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