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Ahh, new year.

In one of my previous articles here in Pathways, I’ve discussed How Expats Can Survive In the Midst of an Increasing Dependent Fee and VAT in Saudi Arabia, and by now many expatriates have already left and settled in their home countries.

Now, life continues for us who have stayed here and if you are reading this and you are still in Jeddah, congratulations! The next question is what to do next while you are still staying here in the kingdom?

For this month’s column, I’ll provide a list of some of the helpful social media accounts and websites that could help all of us have a productive year ahead. These may lead us to have possible business opportunities especially if we are planning to start earning or expanding our small business.

While staying in Jeddah, the best we can do as expats is to develop our skills for the future that awaits us whether we will go back to our homeland or not. I hope that this list could help us get some leads on our existing or future projects.


JCM provides workshops and seminars for creative people. They aim to enhance young people’s creative by providing them a place to share, express, connect and hear inspiring stories of people who have been successful in their creative field.

If you are willing to conduct seminars or workshops, you can reach them on their site or Instagram account.


Instagram: @jeddah_cm

CRATE Jeddah

Crate is a local concept store where products of people to start-up businesses and small entrepreneurs are promoted. Basically, if you are a home-based business and need a place to put your products out by putting them in a shop, CRATE is the place to go. They will provide everything from accounting, picking-up the products from your house, marketing, keeping inventory, and giving reports to update you about your sales.

In summary, it’s a shop where you can showcase your products. This is very helpful for moms who have home-based businesses and need a place to put their products out. The significant part is that CRATE will be in charge of picking the products from your house, so you don’t need to leave the house.

Website: Instagram: @crate.ksa


Like Crate, this is another concept store here in Jeddah where you can find organic foods and other healthy choices. They also have items from fashion to goods. You can collaborate with them so you can sell your products in their store.

Instagram: @homegrown_market



Humming Tree is another community for Jeddah people where both young and old can meet with the purpose of supporting and inspiring each other’s skills from creative to entrepreneurship until each person achieves his/her dream. The group provides a sense of support network for people to get inspired and keep on moving, but not forgetting to have balance in everything they do. You can follow them and you’ll get updated on all the workshops and seminars provided in their space.


Instagram: @hummingtreecommunity

These are just some of them, but there are many other groups and social media accounts to follow that would inspire everyone to start something or to continue a passion they have withheld for a while in the past.

The aim this year is to get inspired and be productive. The days just pass by so fast so don’t let the stress of life eat those dreams out. Challenge yourself start, continue or finish something this year.

Make 2019 count!

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Thank you for helping mom’s find a place to sell their goods. This article is a wonderful resource of information.

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