Make Yourself A Priority

2020 was a challenging year. We have gone through so much during one year that sometimes we wonder that we have seen everything. The outbreak of COVID 19 has reshaped our lifestyles in several ways. Measures taken to avoid infection, such as maintaining a social distancing, has a greater influence on every aspect. The major impact caused by the pandemic is that it got us homebound. Before 2020, the culture of remote working or online schooling was not acceptable, but it has become a norm after the pandemic. Nicholas Bloom, the professor at Sanford University, highlighted that “One of the few great upsides of the pandemic is we’ve accelerated 25 years of a drift toward working from home in one year.” The home becomes the center place of everything – a virtual office and school, a digital shopping area, and even the place for entertainment or physical activities such as a gym or a movie cinema. Although it sounds fantastic to having everything available in the comfort of home, but the experience of managing everything from home soon became overwhelming and exhausting over the period of time. It instilled the feelings of suffocation. The loss of physical interaction with others created the feeling of being stuck or imprisoned at home. Many people are engulfed in depression.

Home is the place to enjoy and relax. After coming back from the office, we used to have a relaxing time with family. The time spent at home used to be the time to unwind one’s self. It was considered to be the time for self-care. Due to the remote working and online schooling, the boundary between work and personal life diminished, which added a great deal of stress in our lives. Work became never-ending, and we start to lose ourselves.  All in all, 2020 has been a devastating year. Many people lost their jobs and loved ones, travel restrictions, and limited social interactions have created havoc in our lives. Still, all of this distress and gloominess has taught us valuable life lessons.

The major lesson we learned from the pandemic is – Take a break.

Life was full of hustle before the pandemic, but the onset of the pandemic put a halt to every activity. Suddenly life came to a standstill. We were forced to take a break. Initially, the shutting down of all activities felt like a big blow as it created a sudden disturbance in routine life, but later on, these feelings begin to sink in, and we began to realize the actual value of the things in life. It became clear to us that how much we have filled our lives with unimportant things. It is often said that when we can not go outside, we go inside—the overstretched pandemic created collective exhaustion. The only way to deal with such stress and exhaustion is to take a break from all hustle and give yourself due time.

All of us need a pause to rejuvenate ourselves. Self-care was ignored the most. So, during this summer, revive your personal care regimes and pamper yourself. The small act of relaxation or entertainment were ignored majorly so, grace yourself with time to relax. Be kind to yourself and don’t postpone rest.  Give yourself some time. Self-care rituals such as wellness regimes and having a relaxing ME time is critical in maintaining mental health. Practice yoga and meditation, unplug yourself from social media, take a walk in nature and spend quality time with loved ones – just call them to say that you care.

“Take your time but do not waste your time.” – Lupita Nyongo.

We grow stronger from pain, and that is what 2020 did to us. It made us resilient and forced us to reflect on our lives. It taught us to set priorities in life. After the pandemic, we realized that we spent time on several unimportant things in life that do not bring actual value to our lives, and it is nothing but a waste of time and energy. So, focus on what is genuinely needed and spend time wisely because time is the most precious asset we have.

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