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By: Lettering_Gems

Tell us a little about yourself

Assalamu alaikum, Hi I’m Sara, originally from India but born and brought up in Jeddah.

How did @letteringgems come into existence

My journey into lettering begun long before @letteringgems came into existence. Before I started @letteringgems, I had worked at a school named Al Falah International School, DPS. That is where the foundation begun. Time and again I was assigned to different lettering activities and each one of them made my belief turn into reality. In 2014 I started my Instagram handle with the name Divine Typography, I was not so active, until 2015 I started blogging with the hopes that my little piece of internet would be a place where I could create, share, love, and inspire People. I sincerely hope that’s happening today!

Q. Words that touch your soul or Favourite Quotes

There are two quotes I love and believe in
1. A Flower does not think of Competing with the flower next to it, It just blooms.
2. We Rise by lifting others.

If everyone lived by these quotes, there would be more happy people in the world.

Q. A person in your life you’re especially grateful and why?

There isn’t just one person I’m Grateful for, but every individual around me who supported me and especially Few of them.

My Father and My Mumma has been the biggest inspiration to me, inspiring me to reach my goals, appreciating me on my achievements and also being the best critic when needed😊

Then are my siblings, each one is artistic and I’m blessed to have learnt soo much from them as I’m the youngest in the family.

Apart from family there are 2 more people who had so much confidence in me, even before I had in myself and it is through this platform I’d love to thank them Mrs Humera (Academic Director at Dps) and Mrs Farah (V.P at IISJ) Thank you for believing in me, you both inspire me in many ways❤

And Finally the Most Important, My both in-laws, specially Mom in law and My Husband, the love of my life, he is my backbone, His appreciation, Love and immense believe in me has made me the person I am today, He is best thing that has happened to me, Masha Allahu la quwwata illa billah. Without his support I would have never reached here, he insisted me to open my Etsy shop and Masha Allah it reached 50 sales in a month. When you have people who believe in you, cherish them.😊
Q. Any Incident that changed your life?

There are many and one fine incident was when my Ex Academic Director Mrs. Humera believed in My idea and trusted me in turning a room into aquarium. With assistance from few colleagues, the dream changed into reality. It was a super hit, and that was the turning point, I knew I could reach where I want, we humans need appreciation and someone who believes in our capabilities. Thank you Humera Ma’am for that.

Q.Best Advice for overcoming failures?

Well I’d say Failures are a huge part of success, it gives us experience. Everyone can make their dreams turned into reality, success does not happen overnight, It’s our strong will, steadfastness and patience that helps us in reaching Goals.

Q. How is where you are today different than a year ago and what positive changes are you thankful of?

A year ago I was working in my school where i spent my childhood, it was a for a short time but I learned so much. My childhood teacher, now an H.M told me, I’m born to be a freelancer, I’m a free Bird. That’s how I took this Freelancing thing seriously, (Thank you Rafath Ma’am) I opened my shop on etsy last month and Masha Allah had 50 sales in a month. So that’s definitely a positive change.

Q. Any Plans For the Future?

Alhamdulillah, I have successfully conducted lettering classes and workshops and I hope to continue this in this year, teaching more and more people. I can be reached on

Q. Few Final words

Thank You Pathways Jeddah for this opportunity, and a special thanks to Mrs. Shareefa its founder and Ms. Shaima or this amazing initiative, I see Pathways on a road to success, uniting people in diversity.

Finally, I’d like to quote my favorite Ayah from Qur’an:

“They Plan and Allah plans. Surely, Allah is the Best of planners” Qur’an

Surah 8, Verse 30

His (SWT) plans are much better than our plans. This verse is a guiding light of happiness and sorrows.

So, If you feel stuck somewhere, know that it’s part of His (SWT) plan. Allah plans to teach you something. And when you come out of it, you will be a better person than you were before. 😊

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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    Surely, this is definitely the best quote ever, “We Rise by lifting others.” Thank you for the reminder.

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