Mother, The First Teacher Of Every Child

World Teachers Day


Teachers are the most fundamental part of our world. All the subjects like history, arts, math and sciences would not be here, if not taught by teachers to their next generation. Today, elementary education begins as soon as the child turns three, they are admitted to schools. But what about all the things a child learns before joining school? Where does the child learn how to eat, how to hold a bottle of water, how to speak the first word, take the first step, to learn to not fall, to hold a pencil or to color?

When you think about appreciating those who have taught you well, do you also think of your mother?  I do! She has taught me so much.  The basic understanding of situations of life at different times is taught to us by her. Many mothers may not be specialized in science, arts or mathematics, but they all teach the same first lessons. Imagine a life where we would start the first day of school not knowing anything.

A mother also teaches us how to live, how to love, how to be a human. Many books, awards, poems have been dedicated to the mother. Gifts, cards, flowers may be too common. This teacher’s day, let’s resolve to do something special to show our mother that we appreciate her. Let us take five minutes to appreciate our first teacher.

To all the Mothers – Pathways wishes you a wonderful weekend!



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