We all have one person whom we admire and looked upon as our role model. I’ve been thinking of many famous personalities I admire, then in my train of thought I felt isn’t my mother more admirable to me than all these personalities I am thinking off. Isn’t like her I always wanted to be when I grow up . So today I swell with pride that the my tremendous source of inspiration of my life  to me is My Mother.


My mother is the purest soul that I know, and she went to great lengths to pursuit every single one of my needs.It was her kind heart and forgiving nature is something I always looked up to.I am so fortunate and feel blessed to be guided by her. She always emphasized that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you treated them.


The strength, support, and comfort that we derive from our mothers is immense, and I think that this goes back to the idea of women bringing life into this world and then nurturing it. I also feel that, almost by default, a woman will bring this same nurturing trait with her to any job that she chooses or is assigned to.

 My mother always wore multiple hats and she was an unrelenting personality with so much of discipline. From being a social worker to volunteering for the community and for the religion,she spends her time for many Non-profit Organizations and orphanages and has made an impact on the society through her social work. She instilled many traditional values also same time encouraged to lead a life in simplicity without any extravagance. She was a huge advocate of lifelong learning. She used to say that if you are not learning, you are not growing. She always taught me the importance of helping other people raise,that greatness comes from a position but from helping build a better future. She always taught me balance is the key. You can be the CEO of the company and same time you have a home to be taken care off. It’s how we manage time evenly split between work & home.I’m trying to be more like her every single day and it fills my heart with joy when people address me as her daughter. I know I have given  a fair share of troubles but her guidance and love has really shaped me into the person I am today.She is the wind beneath my wings, helping me soar higher and higher, ever-encouraging, my emotional cornerstone, pillar of strength and truest friend. 


A shout out to all the women out there


Psychologists explained that the way a woman’s brain work is similar to the internet thinking and processing more than two things at once compared to men’s compartmentalized thinking. 

We are stronger than we ever give ourselves credit for. And often as women we spend lot of time nurturing and sacrificing for others whether it is at family or whether it is at work and those are extremely important for u and part of our intrinsic psychology and intrinsic behaviors. But I feel that at those time we often neglect ourselves investing in ourselves in terms of time, in terms of learning, in terms of coaching, in terms of development and growth. So don't be so harsh on yourself, give yourself room to breathe. Often we put ourselves into so much of guilt thinks it not fair to do that. Let us believe in ourselves, because we will never be able to convince the world what we are capable of, unless we are convinced ourselves first. Lastly, we women are natural mediators and great communicators. Women are strong proponents of compromise and excellent listeners. We are the ones that create a tomorrow that values our diversity. So let us believe in ourselves and let us make the magic happen.



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