Once Upon a Time, There was a King.

I want to tell you a story today. I wrote this a while back. You may have already read it if you are a subscriber on my blog, but I wanted to write this somewhere public so that more people can read it. So… I hope you enjoy it.

Once upon a time, there was a King who ruled a peaceful Kingdom. Everyone in his Kingdom were happy with him. People were nice to each other, there was enough food for everyone and hardly ever was there any feud.

Since there was nothing to do, he only ate, sat on his Grand Chair or he slept. There just wasn't anything to solve… or for him to go out about.

People came to him to entertain him. When it was time to eat, the table would be laid in front of him. He didn't even need to move. A bowl of water would be served for him to wash his fingers. He would be served the finest food made by the most experienced chefs in the whole Kingdom.

This continued for years… until one day, the King fell sick. He ached all over. The food tasted bland. He didn't have interest in anything. He felt so sad that he preffered staying in bed. There was no joy left in his life, he felt. So, he just stayed in bed.

His doctors couldn't find anything wrong with him. There was no fever or any abnormality in his blood that hinted an infection. They called more doctors to check on him.

Physicians and learned men came from every part of the country. Some worked with chemicals, some used plant products… there were even some who had special verses from the Holy Book that they blew on him.

But… nothing worked.

Finally, there came an Old Wise Man from the mountains, who was said to be very learned and knowledgeable.

He talked to the King for a long time enquiring everything there was to know about the King.

He asked him about his wives and children.

Their lives and relationship.

He asked the King about his dreams and what he dreamt at night.

He asked the King what books he read and what was the last meal that he enjoyed.

Anything that he could think of, he asked the King. Three days passed with all this talking, when on the fourth day, the Old Wise Man told the King that he had found a cure. But he needed some supplies, a few men and the King's cooperation.

The King agreed. Twenty one men were sent to the old man. He took them to the King's garden, where they cleared the ground to start building a hut.

This was a special hut that was to be made just for the king. It would be 10 feet by 10 feet long and 10 feet by 10 feet wide. It would be just a foot taller than the King. It would be 4 feet above the ground and the floor would be made of iron plates over which would be placed wooden sheets. There would be no window, just a chimney.

When this hut was made, the Old Wise Man ordered the King's men to take the King with his bed and place it inside.

The door was closed but not locked.

The Old Wise Man then bought some fire wood that he placed under the hut and… believe it or not… He set the wood on fire! 

Now slowly, this fire started heating up the iron plates and floor of the hut. The hut became very hot. At first, the King started feeling a little warm but then slowly, as the heat arose, he started feeling sweaty. In the beginning, the heat felt good as though his body was soothed but then it became intolerable.

Shocked the King tried to sit up. Then next, he tried to put his feet down… He was still very hot. As it got hotter and hotter, he started running from one end of the hut to the other. It was an inferno in there! So… finally, he ran out all sweaty and angry at the old man.

'What were you doing, you old man?!' he demanded. 'I am going to kill you. Off with his head!' he yelled at his men.

The Old Wise Man calmly said, '… but sir, you are standing! You can't kill me. I cured you.'

The King suddenly realized that indeed he was. He was standing on his feet again. His body didn't ache any more!

All that heat and running about had cured him. The Old Man was right. The King had been cured.

You see, what had happened was that due to inactivity all these years, the King's muscles had become tight. He just had had no exercise. The more he did not work his muscles, the more achy and sick he got until finally, he was just confined to his bed.

Why did I tell you this story?

Because this is exactly how it feels after 12 years of motherhood giving birth to 4 children. 😐

We moms think that running after our babies, then toddlers and then school going children is keeping us active. Wrong.

Slowly, day by day, our muscles are getting weaker. We aren't working them as much as we should. With little children in the household, we don't exercise or walk for 20 minutes each day, do we? Then one day, we turn 40 years old (like me) and we start feeling achy and tired (like me).


Exercise, my Dear Friend. Just stretch for a few minutes every morning when you get up. Go for a walk on the weekends at least. Some exercise is better than no exercise.


Photo by Pro Church Media on Unsplash

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  1. Gilian Isles
    Gilian Isles says

    Well-written! I love it. Very timely for moms. Lately, I have been forcing myself to exercise because I feel my muscles are not the way they were and at least I could help myself age well.

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