Ramadan Kareem


The month of mercy is finally here.Let the arrival of this blessed month reach all of us in good health.Even though this year if very much different fom our previous ones,i know we are in  mixed emotions, lets try to make it the best out of it.Let us try our best to learn from our mistakes, to be true in our repentance and honest in our intentions. May this month see us strengthen our faith, by praying more, reading more- and serving our gratitude in a way that shows to all the blessings we have around us. 
And let the month of fasting cleanse our minds and souls of the hurt we encountered, the decisions we made that were not true to the path you wrote for us. Let us be charitable with our wealth, seeing how much we take for granted in such a short, unpredictable lifespan. Ya Allah, let us sympathise with penurious families that cannot afford the basics of life, their tests eased by your will. Let the oppressed of this world harbour the strength and hope- enveloped with faith in your ability to ease everything: be, so it is. Let this imploding society learn to think for themselves and improve their own futures as a result. Ya Allah- let our families remain healthy, let those suffering loss have the patience to grow beyond their pains. Ameen

And to everyone reading, I hope you use this month to appreciate every blessing, every lesson bestowed upon you.Take the intention that this ramadan will be THAT Ramadan  you truly connect to Allah  swtand worship him like you never done before..Your life is yours to build- let it be a month of power for you- and your family..
All the chaos will pass by and one day you will look back and say this  was the best ramadan ever insha Allah❤❤

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