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We are right in the middle of the enchanting winters! The best time to visit Turkey is in winter when the heat and crowds evaporate, and the atmosphere turns moody. The beautiful natural panoramas of Turkey, its sublime churches and mosques, stunning landmarks and monuments, and intoxicating cities like Istanbul, Cappadocia, Izmir, are best explored during the winters.

Visiting Turkey in December, or any of the winter months, and savor the most authentic and beautiful Turkish experience possible.

Less is More

Perfect time to get lost in the back streets in Istanbul. Turkey winter tours are ideal for those with an aversion towards maddening crowds and tourist traps. Fewer crowds also mean more of locals, giving you ample opportunity for quality interaction and more authentic experiences. Traveling off-season screams nothing but discounts and more discounts! Visiting Turkey in winter is truly a blessing from a financial point of view. Since winter is an off-season, you can enjoy the country at incredibly cheap rates. Hotels are discounted, restaurants are significantly cheaper, and there are cracking deals on Turkey winters tours and activities – traveling can’t get any better than this!

Winter Drinks

With the coming of cold winter days, Turkey’s cake and pudding shops begin serving salep in the place of ice creams. Salep is a heart-warming beverage that although seems weird to foreigners at first, later becomes a delicious drink that they keep going back for. The original version, made from wild orchid flowers and topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon, is a body warming, creamy like mixture that also boasts of medicinal benefits. Made from fermented grains, Boza is an old Turkish drink dating from the 10th century. Its thick texture often gets rid of hunger feelings.


Warm Up in Turkish Hamam

Take refuge from winter in one of the dozens of steam-filled historic hamams, or bathhouses, located around Istanbul. Among the most beautiful is the 16th-century Kilic Ali Pasha, which recently underwent a multi-million-dollar restoration that’s returned it to its original glory. Turkish Hamam is a popular and traditional experience over there and is the perfect way to chill out and unwind, even more so if you follow it up with a relaxing massage.

Fascination Destinations in Turkey

Visiting Turkey during winter has a different charm all together as you can experience Turkey like most tourists never do. Watch the countryside get transformed under a soft, snowy façade. Soak in a crisp, sunrise winter balloon safari over Cappadocia. Visit numerous winter landmarks such as the frozen Lake Cildir, and the gorgeous Lake Abant.

Amazing Ski Resorts in Turkey

Why head all the way to Switzerland when you have equally breath-taking Ski resorts in Turkey. The soaring Turkish mountains are speckled with some magnificent winter resorts. Depending on your location, and skiing preferences, there are an array of ski resorts you can visit, including Uludag (located in Bursa), Kartepe (in Izmit), Palandoken (Turkey’s highest peak), and many more!


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  1. Shareefa Basyyoni
    Shareefa Basyyoni says

    I loved Turkey. I was only there once. Now I am ready to go in the winter. ❤💙💖

  2. Laura Vondra says

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures and eloquent descriptions!
    Although we haven’t ventured overseas yet, this is definitely one trip I really want to do!

  3. France says

    I’d watched a travel film before, it’s the Watchtower of Turkey by amazing director Leonardo Delassandri. It perfectly showed the beauty of Turkey, the amazing infrastructures, rich culture, and beautiful people. I definitely wanna go there!

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