Reflecting goodness on ones self

By: Lulo Blue


As you all know Ramadan is close by which means a holy month for Muslims.  The question is what does that mean? That means Muslims around the world will be Fasting and trying to do more good. But Ramadan doesn't mean it can’t be for everyone to reflect on their selves and evaluate regardless of what you believe in.

For one month do the following and don’t forget to keep track of your answers.

  • Ask yourself what do you want to develop in?
  • Do I have gratitude in my attitude? And how can I improve it?
  • What are my biggest goals and how can I break it down into more do-able tasks? And set a task goal for each day.
  • Make a gratitude list and put the list down in a card to keep with you at all times.
  • Make a good dead list and for one month do a good deed each day.
  • Make a gift basket to say thank you for the people who mean to you.
  • Make a charity box to put charity every day in it.
  • Learn one small thing a day.
  • Read one page from a book daily from a book you wanted to finish. 
  • Reflect every day on who you are and how to improve yourself.
  • Do meditation or pray 


Now the biggest question you might ask if I am busy how can I put all this goodness to my daily life? That is simply just set a reminder on your phone every 2- 3 hours to do 10 minutes of goodness. Your goodness can be anything on the list above. Happy month of goodness to you all.




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